Erika Jayne

At this point, it would be easier to write a list of Real Housewives who don’t have a beef with Lisa Vanderpump than to round up the ones who are on good terms with her. It seems like she is on the outs with most of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast. Not only that, but Real Housewives of New York OG Ramona Singer even called her out for missing Andy Cohen’s baby shower.

In short, she has been the hot topic of conversation among Real Housewives fanatics. Oh, and the Housewives themselves. Recently NeNe Leakes claimed that Lisa tricked her and stole the idea (and location for) Pump Restaurant from her. Lisa’s costar Erika Jayne recently chimed in on the bicoastal beef.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Erika managed to keep it vague by not saying too much. Nevertheless, she made it clear whose side she’s on in this RHOA vs. RHOBH feud. Then again, this beef is completely onesided. This does not seem to be on Lisa’s radar. At all.

However, that makes perfect sense since the British import has bigger fish to fry. Or at the very least, she has some local fish to fry. On her own show.

Erika declared, “NeNe don’t lie.” This basically translates to “I believe NeNe’s version of the story.”

Erika also said, “NeNe can take damn good care of herself.” It’s unclear what that second quote was in reference to, but NeNe did declare, “We’re gonna get Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa Rinna, I’m sorry I didn’t mean you, I meant Vander-lump.” That last comment was in reference to NeNe’s mixup about the difference between the two Lisa’s.

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So what is NeNe so peeved about? NeNe said that she approached Lisa for advice about opening up a restaurant in Los Angeles. Then she came across a property and asked Lisa to weigh in.

NeNe claimed, “She said, ‘Oh darling, darling, it’s a piece of crap and they’re charging so much for it, darling.’” Whether that conversation actually happened or not, Lisa did end up going for that “piece of crap” property.

NeNe said, “She talked me off of it and then went and got it.” And it seems like Erika is buying what she’s selling… which does not include overpriced drinks at a bar in Los Angeles because, you know, NeNe doesn’t own a bar in California. Not that we actually know whose “fault” that is.

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