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Kyle Richards Thinks Lisa Vanderpump Orchestrated Dog Drama With Dorit Kemsley

Going to the Bahamas is great, right? I wouldn’t know. I live vicariously through others who claim it is the epitome of paradise. How could anyone have a bad time under the hot sun, lolling on sandy beaches, and dipping their feet into the Atlantic Ocean? Kyle Richards knows that, much like her variety of illnesses, drama will find you regardless of where you are.

The ladies of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills took a flight to a place others go to get away from it all. And they brought extra baggage! Surrounded by idyllic scenery, things are relatively peaceful until She Who Must Not Be Named is brought up. Time for more #puppygate! Kyle shared her thoughts on the saga that followed Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley on their trip. It looks like she has chosen whose side she is on.

In her Bravo blog, Kyle wrote, “When Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy (try not to laugh when saying that) comes up, the mood automatically shifts. Here’s the problem: As an animal lover, your first instinct is to be upset. However, we have to keep in mind that Dorit did what she thought was best for her children.”

Co-sign, kids come first no matter what. Before I welcome a new animal friend in my home, I research that animal to make sure he/she will fit into the environment. Sometimes smaller dogs are a bit nippy, still fantastic – just maybe not as fantastic around little ones. Not Dorit’s fault, obviously. She was probably too busy reading the adoption contract with her children to look it up. #themoreyouknow

Kyle continued, “When Dorit called Lisa to tell her what happened and that she had to find a new home for the dog, Lisa seemingly understood Dorit’s position and never asked for the dog to be returned to her or Vanderpump Dogs”  I know this is nuts but, perhaps Lisa V. assumed Dorit would follow the proper guidelines of the adoption contract she signed? Come on, it’s not like Dorit has ever been vague about the truth before.

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“It only became an issue when the dog was left at a shelter by the woman that Dorit thought was giving the dog a good home. It’s safe to say that everyone was blindsided by that. Now, the issue has become more about why we all found out about this in the first place,” Kyle shared.

It seems like a proper time to mention THE CAMERAS THAT FOLLOW YOU PEOPLE AROUND ON A DAILY BASIS FOR MONTHS. Is Dorit a spy now, is that why she has 836 different hairstyles and 163 accents per episode? No? Then I guess the public was going to find out about it sooner or later.

Kyle, we see you. You have mastered the art of deflection! We should gloss over the fact that an animal was left at a shelter and concentrate on the important stuff, Dorit’s feelings are hurt.

Kyle also had questions for LVP. “The people at Vanderpump Dogs speak to Lisa daily. She certainly told them Dorit’s story and explained she had no bad intentions. That’s her good friend. So why bring the dog out? Why have it there?” Golly, great question Kyle. I am taking a shot in the dark here, but my guess is the dog is there because THEY HAD TO GO GET HER FROM THE SHELTER.

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In retrospect, was She Who Must Not Be Named a good fit for Dorit and PK Kemsley? Sadly, no. Is it on them to go through the correct channels to rectify the situation? A contract is a contract, so yes. One cannot assume that because Dorit made a phone call, she is absolved of responsibility.

Perhaps LVP is guilty of giving the busy couple too much credit, (we know what happens when Dorit and PK get too much credit) expecting Dorit to find a suitable re-homing situation for Lucy Lucyokaywegetit.

I’m sure this isn’t over yet, not by a long shot.

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