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Dorit Kemsley Thinks Lisa Vanderpump Fakes Forgiveness To Appear Innocent

You know Dorit Kemsley. designer, mother, wife of PK Kemsley, and former dog owner. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star decided to adopt a puppy from Lisa Vanderpump’s pet adoption service, Vanderpump Dogs. What follows the adoption is nothing short of a Greek tragedy. Cries of betrayal, lies, and a blood-thirsty, mixed breed chihuahua are flying.

Did Dorit attempt to re-home the dog, or was she given to a shelter? What is the real info on #puppygate? Dorit shares her feelings about the most recent episode.

Per her Bravo blog, Dorit wrote, “I feel sick to my stomach hearing Lisa V say in her interview that Lucy ended up in a kill shelter. It was confirmed to Lisa V and I both that it was NOT a kill shelter, that Lucy was never in danger nor brought to a kill shelter, and yet she and her team are relentless in trying to inflate the story.”

So far so good. My first question is, did you sign a contract? It is pretty basic across the board when one adopts a dog, FOR THIS EXACT REASON. Usually, when an adoption takes place, the pet owner signs an agreement that states if you cannot keep the animal in question, he/she is to be returned to the adoption service. Maybe Dorit did not read that part? Maybe she did and ignored it because contract details do not apply to LVP’s friends?

Let’s continue… “When I watch [Lisa’s] interview, I question if her seemingly kind but poison-laced comments are designed to set me up or simply make me out to look like a horrible person.”

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Dorit, have you met Lisa Vanderpump? I’m just curious because she has literally made dog rescue her life. Remember Stop Yulin Forever? She went before Congress and had a House Resolution passed, calling for an end to the dog and cat meat industry. Or did LVP spend last season plotting against Dorit, ultimately forcing her to adopt a dog she knew would ravage her family?

Dorit shared, “Regardless, friends don’t tell friends they’re not upset about something then go and act the complete opposite way. For whatever reason, Lisa V fakes forgiveness as a means of appearing innocent or to make it look like she is doing you a huge favor when in reality she’s stirring a big pot of passive aggressiveness that eventually reveals itself through snarky jabs.”

Sure thing, Dorit. I mean, why would LVP have a valid reason to be upset? Because you COMPLETELY IGNORED the rules and regulations of adopting a dog from her facility? Didn’t LVP do Dorit a huge favor by allowing the $5,000 penalty fee to go unpaid? In light of the Kemsleys’ current financial issues, perhaps Lisa V. deserves a “thank you” instead of a “f*ck you.”

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Dorit also felt some type of way about the comments LVP made en route to the Bahamas. “Out of all the women, I choose Lisa V to share a suite with me, and I’m sadly met with a jab. She might think she’s being funny, but quite frankly her comments are off-putting, unnecessary, and ultimately bring a weird vibe to the group.” I’m still trying here, Dorit. You don’t want Lisa V. making jabs that YOU don’t find funny, but it is okay for you to get sloshed at a dinner table and start flinging the C word at people. Got it.

“All I could think to myself in that moment was I wish I had chosen someone else to share the suite with me,” Dorit confessed. I’m sure LVP is hanging her head in shame.

The real victim in this saga is not Dorit, not Lisa V., but Lucy Lucy Apple Juice. Seems like the poor pup has moved more times than Kyle Richards. Let’s hope the two ladies can resolve their issues. Maybe Dorit can resolve to only adopt plants in the future.

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