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Kristen Doute Says Her Boyfriend Brian Carter Is Paying Rent Out Of Embarrassment

The past couple of seasons of Vanderpump Rules have been fairly quiet for Kristen Doute and her love life. This is because she has been in a solid relationship with her boyfriend Brian Carter. All seemed well. At least that’s what Kristen wanted everyone to believe.

This season has shown a different side to their relationship. Practically every scene they are fighting. Kristen was upset at Carter because she paid all the bills and he wasn’t even kind to her. After Katie Maloney and Stassi Schroeder confronted him on his behavior, Kristen did damage control on social media and posted how great they are doing. But is that really true?

In a video interview for the Vanderpump Rules After Show, Kristen and several Pump Rules cast members dished on the Carter drama. Kristen shared, “I think a lot of people thought that it was just like very convenient timing that suddenly he was like paying rent again, and suddenly he was being nice to me.” I honestly don’t know how he could even afford to pay half of her rent when he barely works. 

She continued, “Well that’s f*cking convenient. As if I either I was making it up or he was being full of sh*t. I think that he was really embarrassed. And it was like a kick in the ass to be like I need to f*cking step up. I’m going to lose her, her friends all hate me.” More like Carter was going to lose access to Kristen’s credit card and living rent-free. 

Stassi chimed in, “Which is what we mean by convenient timing. It’s like not changing because he wants to, it’s changing because he’s embarrassed.”

Kristen replied, “It sucks that that’s what it took and it wasn’t just the fact that I was upset… But if that’s what it took to make him start making changes, the bottom line is for me that he was making the changes.” The bar isn’t set high, is it?

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In another segment, Katie, Brittany Cartwright, and Lisa Vanderpump added their shade opinions to the mix. Katie said, “There’s a lot of things about this whole Kristen and Carter situation that feel very familiar.” I hope she’s talking about her own relationship. How many times have we seen Katie bully her husband Tom Schwartz? And I bet he pays more than half the rent. 

Lisa added that Kristen is probably feeling pressure because Stassi and Katie have settled down. She noted, “I often think she felt that she was a little bit like a spare part in the group. She wants to hold onto something to fit in with the rest of them. But sometimes you’re holding yourself up, aren’t you, from actually progressing in your life.”

Brittany said, “That’s my biggest fear for her, is that like, she’s holding on to it and it’s going to be too late.” Take your own advice Brittany and run!

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