Kristen Doute Says She & Brian Carter Are “Figuring Out” Relationship Status

Last night, Vanderpump Rules viewers saw the return of Crazy Kristen. Kristen Doute even drunkenly fell onto a table after receiving a text about guys night from her man Brian Carter. Through the unintelligible slurring It was not clear what Carter actually texted her, but does it even matter?

Not only that, but Kristen also had some misplaced anger over James Kennedy returning to DJ at Pump. Of course, none of these are actually related, but it all comes back to projection. Right? That’s especially true on reality TV. Last night was the first time Carter has appeared on an episode in forever and it wasn’t even with his own girlfriend. He was at guys night with the rest of the men in the cast. Meanwhile, the female cast members exposed their relationship issues. Stassi Schroeder even called Carter out for not paying any bills. James Kenndy 2.0, much? Why is Kristen always in a sugar mama situation?

During yesterday’s Watch What Happens Live episode, Andy Cohen told Kristen, “You missed four of your flights yesterday, I’m told.” Kristen responded with, “Three.” Honestly, that isn’t much better.

Andy asked if everything was OK and Kristen channeled her inner Stassi in response. She declared, “It was my birthday.”

A Kristen interview wouldn’t be complete without some mention of James, of course. Instead of owning up the feelings she previously bragged about while they were dating, Kristen claimed, “James was a rebound, not a relationship.” So she paid for a rebound’s rent?

Then, Andy asked Kristen about the comments Stassi and the rest of the women made behind her back. Kristen began, “Stassi is right and wrong. I don’t give an ‘f’ about James.” After, Andy declared the obvious, “You clearly do give some ‘f’ about him.”

Kristen conceded, “I do care that he constantly gets away with things over and over and over.” But why? It’s really not a  good look for her. Then again, neither was drunkenly falling on a coffee table. Or drunkenly eating a flower.

Then, Kristen declared, “Carter and I weren’t great, but those were separate issues.” Alright, then. We really have nothing to compare the last episode to since Carter rarely appears on the show. If only she was dating a total thirst monster… like some of the other cast members.

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Soon after, a caller brought some comic relief with this question: Who’s bigger below the belt? Tom [Sandoval], Jax [Taylor], or James?” Kristen avoided the question and responded with “Carter.” Andy reminded Kristen, “But he wasn’t a choice.”

Once again, it came back to James. It always does with Kristen, after all. She said, “James is not the answer. Jax, I don’t remember. So, I’ll give it to my wonderful friend Ariana [Madix]’s boyfriend Tom Sandoval.” So much for being fun and just answering the question honestly.

Then, the fun dissipated even further when a fan asked about Kristen and Carter’s current relationship status. Kristen was visibly upset when she responded. She said, “Honestly, I bleed out for the show. I show every single second of everything. So, for this, I’m just going to have to say we’re figuring it out. Especially if you want to talk about what’s happening today: the show airing and what’s been going on in our relationship for the past year or so. We’re figuring it out. We’ll let you know when we get to that place.”

Andy proclaimed, “It doesn’t sound promising.” No, it does not.

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