SOUTHERN CHARM -- Season:6 -- Pictured: (l-r) Shep Rose, Chelsea Meissner, Eliza Limehouse, Austen Kroll, Craig Conover, Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, Cameran Eubanks, Naomi Olindo -- (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

Southern Charm Returns For Season 6 With Shep Rose Drama, Kathryn Dennis Struggles, & Ashley Jacobs Return

It seemed like there might be a delay with Southern Charm Season 6 because of Thomas Ravenel’s many legal issues. He even sued Bravo with the hope of getting his name and custody issues with Kathryn Dennis wiped from the show. It’s unclear how much Thomas will be mentioned or alluded to, but Kathryn does mention her fear of becoming a single mom in a scene from the Southern Charm trailer.

Aside from that, Shep Rose has drama with Craig Conover, Austen Kroll, and seemingly with Kathryn too. Naomie Olindo, Austen Kroll, and Chelsea Meissner are in new relationships. And then there’s Cameran Eubanks: the luckiest woman in reality TV. She gets to narrate this show from her point of view without sharing any aspects of her private life. Ever.

Bravo released the trailer for Southern Charm Season 6, which randomly included Patricia Altschul rolling up to a McDonalds, driven by her boy Michael as well.

Craig declares, “Shep is starting to turn into a huge f*cking asshole again.” Kathryn asks Shep, “Why are you being a douche?” Shep even responds with “You f*cking white trash.” Ouch.

Naomie’s new man Metul Shah is on Southern Charm this season. It will be interesting to see if he’s in any scenes with Craig. In contrast, Chelsea is in a long distance relationship with her guy who probably won’t appear on the show. Do we have a Cameran 2.0 situation here? Chelsea’s dad give her some tough love when he tells her “You only see him every few months. There’s no future there, right?”

Austen tells his girlfriend Madison Lecroy “I want to make this work” and I can’t help wondering when they shot that scene. Over the summer Austen was busted for cheating on Madison with TWO women at the same time. The heated exchanged was recorded and he even threatened to physically remove her from the scene. Will this be a part of the show? Probably not, but I sure hope so.

At some point, Madison tells Shep “I think you’re a bad influence on Austen.” Austen doesn’t seem to need Shep’s help for some bad behavior. Seriously, watch that video from the cheating bust. Shep seemingly tells Austen “I’m not going to f*cking die on the cross for you, man.” Did anyone else get flashbacks to Vicki Gunvalson during the RHOC Season 10 finale when he said that line? Just me? OK. Moving on…

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Aside from the drama between actual couples, there’s buzz that Kathryn and Whitney Sudler-Smith revisited their past fling. Austen told Chelsea, “This summer, they f*cked.” What does Patricia think of that? Kathryn Sudler-Smith has a nice ring to it. Oh wait, she’s dating someone else right now.

Aside from dealing with her legal issues and hookup rumors, Kathryn has to face Ashley Jacobs. Again. Yes, she’s back on the show for some reason. Even though she’s not friends with anyone in the cast. She’s never even been an actual cast member. Ashley even gets kicked out from one of Patricia’s events. For her sake, I hope Ashley got paid for these appearances. Otherwise, this is just embarrassing for no reason.

After years of attempting to be a cast member and hosting events, Eliza Limehouse is finally a full-time cast member. No word on what she’s bringing to the table, but she does say “I’m damned if I do. I’m damned if I don’t.” However, there’s zero context in that clip.

Other stand out moments from the trailer include Cameran calling out Ashley for calling Kathryn an egg donor. Chelsea even tells Craig, “You need to check your goddamn pants for a vagina because you’re being a pussy.” Poor Craig.

Southern Charm will be back May 15 on Bravo.


[Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]