Cynthia Bailey Says Friendship With NeNe Leakes Is “Not Good For My Spirit”

Cynthia Bailey has had a whirlwind season on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Viewers watched as her only child, Noelle Robinson began her first year of college. We’ve also seen Cynthia’s relationship with sportscaster Mike Hill develop into something serious. But while one relationship was taking off, another one crashed and burned.

NeNe Leakes and Cynthia have been friends since the early days of RHOA. As everyone knows, friendships have their fair share of ups and downs. Recently, anyone involved with NeNe experienced more of the downs, as she struggles to navigate her life in the shadow of Gregg Leakes’ cancer diagnosis. Sometimes though, enough is enough. And no matter how much you love someone or value their friendship, wading through toxicity on a regular basis just isn’t worth it.

NeNe has gone after pretty much everyone this season and if the conversation wasn’t about her, she made sure to fix it. NeNe couldn’t let Eva Marcille get married without making a scene. She fat-shamed Porsha Williams five minutes after she gave birth to baby PJ. And if you try to get into NeNe’s closet, well, let’s just say don’t try to get into her closet. I won’t even get started on how Gregg was being treated while suffering from colon cancer. At the end of the day, it was all too much for Cynthia.

Page Six shared an excerpt from Cynthia’s interview on Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM radio show, “I feel, like, at this point, I’m paying attention now,” Bailey, 52, said. “I see things for exactly how they are. I’m not confused about my relationship or if I even had a real relationship with this woman.”

All bets were off once Kenya Moore showed up to Cynthia’s launch party for her Seagram’s Escapes beverage. Question, is this like a new and improved Boone’s Farm wine situation? #askingforafriend

NeNe states having Kenya there was beyond unforgivable. “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW THIS BROKE ME! I will NEVER be ok! NEVER!,” Leakes, 51, wrote on Twitter Sunday. “So much has happened that you don’t get to see! Thank God they showed this and gave me a little rope! I’m broken! My sisterhood was real REAL!” Okay, sure Jan…

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For Cynthia, the last nail in the coffin of her friendship with NeNe played out on the most recent episode of the show. NeNe has an inability to reconcile that she does not control who is and who isn’t allowed to be friends with Kenya. Seriously, does Kenya know how much power she has over the supposed “rich bitch” who likes to consider herself a #threat? A threat to whom exactly? Just the viewers forced to watch her continued histrionics.

Cynthia continued, “I deserve better. At this point, this is not a healthy thing for me. This is not a healthy person for me to be around. This is not good for my spirit. I’m all about positive affirmation. I don’t want to tear women down. I want to lift them up.” Agreed. Misery loves company. NeNe is the epitome of misery. Why is MeMe so mad? Is it because her acting career flopped? Is it because Gregg is no longer her servant due to illness? Is she that unhappy with her 19th rhinoplasy? Even NASA is searching for why NeNe is such a bitch an unpleasant person to be around at this point.

Cynthia claims she invited Kenya to the launch of her peach bellini, but did not know if the heavily-pregnant star would show up. BUT WAIT, producers aired footage of Cyn allegedly saying on a hot mic, “I’m supposed to act like I didn’t know Kenya was coming.” Even still, I fail to understand what the big deal was. Oh, hang on, was NeNe afraid of not being the biggest attraction at the drink debut? Because Kenya would hold more attention than Queen NeNe? I have to hope Kenya knows how pressed NeNe gets over her mere presence.

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Regarding the incident, Cynthia explained to Jenny, “I read a caption, but I don’t hear those words coming out of my mouth nor would I have a reason for those words to come out of my mouth, but OK,” she said. “If I did say that, at that point, once both of the ladies were in the room, Jenny, my only concern was keeping the peace and having a successful event.”

Oh Cynthia, don’t you know by now that there is only room for one gigantic head and that head must always be NeNe’s? Ugh, at this point I don’t care if Cynthia had invited all of Gregg’s ex-wives, Kim Zolciak, that one sketchy dude that gave NeNe a Rolex, and anyone who has pissed NeNe off in the past. Which would be everyone, apparently. At this juncture, I would rather eat my way across my front lawn that hear more of NeNe’s whining.

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Hopefully, Cynthia (and all of us) can move on from the emotional succubus NeNe has become and we can live happily ever after. But I doubt it, because that isn’t FAIR TO NENE, YOU GUYS.


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