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Season 9 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has centered on Lucy Lucy Apple Juice. Dorit Kemsley and PK Kemsley adopted the pup from Lisa Vanderpump’s dog rescue. After the dog nipped at the kids and PK, Dorit re-homed the pup. Poor Lucy ended up in a kill shelter. Dorit had previously returned a dog to Vanderpump Dogs, so she knew the drill. She also neglected to read the pesky contract that specified that a $5,000 fee was due if a dog was not returned to Lisa’s organization. Spoiler alert: The Kemsleys didn’t pay the fine, and probably lumped it in with their other debts. I hope that Lucy is chilling somewhere and just living her best life. She deserves it after this debacle.

The long-time friendship between LVP and former bestie Kyle Richards exploded when someone leaked the story about Lucy ending up at a shelter to a tabloid. All the Beverly Hills ladies, including Erika Jayne, believe that Lisa was responsible and trying to punish Dorit. And when Kyle took on the mission to confront LVP, she was tossed out of Villa Rosa by Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd. That scene was so uncomfortable to watch!

Now Erika (also known as Erika Girardi) is sharing her thoughts on Puppy Gate. and its ripple effect across RHOBH. In an article in US Weekly, Erika stated, “I’m always on Erika’s side. And I happen to be on the truth side of this story, the way I see it.” At least Erika owns her self-interest!

“I feel bad for Lisa and for Kyle because it was a very tough place for them and their relationship.” Erika shared. “To confront each other with their true feelings and to be screamed at and basically shown the door and have someone’s husband scream in your face doesn’t feel great,” Erika remarked. I am sure that LVP feels awful after being called a liar in her own home.

“I know Kyle did the right thing. She felt terrible. She felt very hurt. This was someone that she has had a long working relationship and a personal friendship with. She loves Lisa and Ken very much, but this had to be done. … I’m proud of Kyle for standing her ground and saying exactly how she felt.”

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Erika also addressed rumors that after the altercation at Villa Rosa, Lisa did not film with the entire group. “Well, Lisa is not there, and the tone changes,” Erika explained. She also said that the group had a good time filming. Ouch!

As for whether LVP can mend her relationships with her co-stars, Erika didn’t sugarcoat her feelings. “I don’t know that she cares to…but honestly, I don’t know that she cares to come back. Or that she cares to be friends with any of us, some of us, none of us.”

It is tough to hear that. I guess we need to watch, and wait, to see what comes up at the reunion, or if Lisa even attends. Erika thinks that Lisa will show, and I also think that Lisa will face her mortal enemies former friends. The reunion is going to be brutal.

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