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PK Kemsley Finally Settles His Lawsuit With The Bellagio Hotel

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hill’s house husbands have had more than their share of publicly embarrassing lawsuits recently. Kyle Richard’s hubby Mauricio Umansky is being sued for $32 million over a real estate deal. Erika Jayne’s grand-husband Tom Girardi and his law firm are embroiled in a $15 million dollar lawsuit for allegedly failing to repay a loan. And PK Kemsley, aka Mr. Dorit Kemsley, has been involved in an ugly lawsuit with the Bellagio in Las Vegas for years.

I bet you were all wondering-who will settle their lawsuit first? If you guessed Tom or Mauricio-both the logical guesses-you would be wrong. Surprisingly, the formerly bankrupt PK has just settled his lawsuit with the Bellagio. And both sides apparently seem satisfied with the outcome.

In a statement to Page Six, PK’s lawyer announced, “Paul Kemsley and Bellagio have resolved their differences. Bellagio is looking forward to having PK and Dorit at Bellagio soon and PK and Dorit are looking forward to enjoying all that Bellagio has to offer.” I would assume that if and when the Kemsleys are “enjoying all the Bellagio has to offer” in the future, they will be doing so on a strictly cash only basis!

The Bellagio first sued PK in 2013 for failing to pay off a $3.6 million casino marker. PK initially made $875,000 in payments on the debt, but then filed for bankruptcy in the U.K. The Bellagio claimed they were never notified of the bankruptcy and were still owed their money. PK worked out a deal in 2015 to pay back the Bellagio, but he allegedly stopped paying on the debt after a few years. Earlier this year, it was announced that the Bellagio had taken further legal action against PK, claiming they were still owed over $1.7 million.

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No specific details are available on the settlement, but it is probably safe to say PK had to come up with some cold, hard cash to satisfy the debt. I bet designer label-loving Dorit was checking all of her expensive purses for spare change to help her beloved PK pay off his debt. Hopefully, their children’s piggy banks are still intact! But it is probably safe to assume that Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd didn’t offer up any financial assistance, even at a very high interest rate.

According to Page Six, PK also had another (unspecified) lawsuit against him dismissed last week. Understandably, PK is happy to have some thorny legal issues resolved. He told Page Six, “I’m delighted to be putting these various issues that are over twelve years old to bed. They began many, many years ago, before I even met Dorit. I now live an entirely different, happy, peaceful life.”

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You have to wonder how much Dorit knew about PK ‘s legal problems before marrying him. Was he completely honest with her about his legal issues? What kind of discussions did they have about his finances? Dorit knew all of this and still married him? The answers to those questions are probably not coming from Mrs. Kemsley any time soon. Unless she has the inevitable Housewife book deal in the works. Which would a definite read for me-but only for free from the public library!


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