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Summer House Recap: Relationships Are Rocky In Montauk

Right off the bat, we’re in middle of a New York City avenue with Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke where they’re reading through his DMs with his alleged make out partner. I need an official count of how many infidelity rumors Kyle had to debunk on Summer House.

She claims to have never met Kyle and therefore this is just a rumor. Amanda forgives Kyle for putting her through yet another rumor of infidelity. They’re back on track to moving in together. Amanda seems like a smart girl.  I’ll support her and her decisions, but if Kyle does anything to mess this up again, he’ll be hearing from me (in his DMs since he’s checking those regularly).

On the way to the Hamptons, most of the house is worried about “Ky-Manda” and whether they’re driving up together. Paige DeSorbo tells the group Amanda believes the make out is confirmed a rumor because the girl never met Kyle. As Paige points out, it’s VERY possible Kyle could’ve called this random chick and told her what to say. Unfortunately, I think Amanda really wants this relationship with Kyle to work out and would rather not investigate further.

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Summer House Paige DeSorbo

The only couple in the house walks in together and acts as if nothing has happened the previous week. Everyone is uncomfortable. Thankfully, Carl Radke and his mom show up to break the tension. Everyone is relaxing with a glass of wine when Linsday Hubbard‘s date shows up at the house and gets accosted at the door. Poor guy. By the way, did anyone else notice that her date was on The Real Housewives of New York City?!

Sonja Morgan and Carole Radziwill went to his office to buy shirts a looooong time ago. He seemed weird then and not much has changed. The girls are chatting with Sharon inside while the boys converse outside. Jordan Verroi goes into another crazy story about he got mugged once in LA, had a bunch of stitches on his forehead, and now has to continue to get Botox because of it. Okay, dude.

Summer House Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay is out on her date with Peyman and honestly, I can’t wait for it to be over. Peyman says a few nice words to her. She claims Everett Weston never made her feel this way. She decides to make out with him at the dinner table. Please, make it stop.

Back at the house, Carl and Jordan decide to hit the town together (Carl is going to try and get Jordan laid) while everyone else hangs back. Unfortunately, neither Jordan or Carl get lucky and come home just the two of them. Lindsay does the walk of shame in the morning and claims Peyman was the best sex of her life. I love Lindsay but I think this was her desperately trying to stab Everett in the heart. However, I highly doubt he’s even watching, sweetie.

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Sharon and Carl have a genuine heart to heart in the backyard and it’s honestly such a nice thing to see. Between all the drinking and hooking up, this cast has real feelings and are going through real life shit. Carl’s dad left his Mom after what seemed like a long, happy marriage. It’s had an immense effect on him and how he is in relationships. I’m not excusing all of Carl’s f**k boy behavior but self-awareness is a step in the right direction! Both Sharon and Carl are each other’s biggest supporters. I’m happy they have each other!

Summer House Carl Radke

We learn more about Hannah Berner‘s relationship history as she opens up to Danielle Olivera. Hannah’s last boyfriend made her lose her self esteem and confidence. She fell into a depression and is still working on coming out of that. She admits she’s still on anti-depressants. I applaud Hannah for discussing this on national TV.

Outside, Paige and Carl are chatting when he reveals he’s going to a wedding next weekend with a date… who’s not Paige. At this point, these two both know what they are: fun, flirty friends who make out sometimes on the weekends.

Summer House Hannah Berner

During the work week, Amanda drives out to New Jersey to visit her parents. Due to their impending move in, Amanda decides she needs to tell her parents about Kyle cheating on her. Two minutes before her dad was asking how “Cookie” was. Now, he’s basically asking when he can bang his head in.

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Like any Mom and Dad, they’re concerned and wondering what she’s doing with him. Her parents are not holding back, telling Amanda her whole family will hate him for a long time. Maybe they can get through to her!!

Summer House

At this point, Jordan has replaced Kyle as Carl’s wingman. Jordan and Carl go on a double date with Carl’s wedding date and her friend. Jordan hits it off with one of the girls over their shared religious beliefs and they exchange numbers. We’re still not sure what Jordan is hiding. If we don’t find out something soon, I’m over it. When they get back to the Summer House, the crew goes out for drinks. Meanwhile, Kyle cooks for Amanda.

Hannah and the rest of the girls grill Jordan about the girl he met while out with Carl and he admits…. he has a dysfunctional penis?! WE WAITED WEEKS FOR THIS?? I’m sorry but I’m with Hannah on this one. I am not buying it. Something else is going on with Jordan.

Summer House Kyle Cooke

The episode ends with Kyle and Amanda having dinner at the house. Amanda confides in him that her parents were not happy with the news of him cheating on her. I can’t imagine being in Amanda’s position. If my parents called my boyfriend weak and were questioning his character, I would be questioning everything. Next week, we have the annual Summer House/Vanderpump Rules crossover (YAY!) and Kyle claims Paige led Carl on for 10 weeks… yeah right, Kyle.


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