VANDERPUMP RULES -- "Reunion" -- Pictured: (l-r) Brittany Cartwright, Jax Taylor, Kristen Doute, Lala Kent -- (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo)

Jax Taylor Apologized To James Kennedy & Raquel Leviss After Vanderpump Rules Reunion Drama

The Season 7 reunion of Vanderpump Rules ended with a bang. The majority of the cast seemed united on one thing, slamming James Kennedy. Because they are all hypocrites James made some unflattering comments towards Katie Maloney, he was fired from SUR. We even saw James begging for his job back from Lisa Vanderpump. Does James drink? Yes. Does James maybe participate in other substances that could alter his personality? Perhaps. But he was condemned for something other cast members engage in as well.

James is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. His apologies fall on deaf ears and are often not accepted. Viewers saw him make attempts at therapy, helping his family, and trying to be better. Like a child or untrained puppy, when he received little to no positive reinforcement regarding his efforts, he lapsed into a “give no f*cks” attitude. In a moment of clarity, one Pump Rules persona did offer James and tortured girlfriend Raquel Leviss an apology. Oddly enough, the world did not implode when this phenomenon occurred.

As fans know, Jax Taylor’s father sadly passed away from cancer. Jax took his death very hard and declared himself a changed man. Unfortunately, James decided insinuate Jax needs to “get over” his father’s death, which did not help his desire to become more friendly with the haters group.

Jax spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the incident. “Anytime anybody mentions my father, good or bad, I get emotional and I see red,” he adds. “So, that’s just gonna be like that for a while, even if you’re my friend or if you’re my enemy, it’s just gonna be that way. I don’t have any, you know, else really to say about that.”

During the reunion, host Andy Cohen brought up the comment James made and then used himself as a human shield when Jax made moves in James’ direction. Jax then turned his vitriol towards Raquel, who wasn’t even there at that point. After calling Raquel “dumb”, James clapped back by calling Brittany Cartwright and her family ” hillbillies”. Ahem.

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Brittany admits,”Whenever you talk about my family, my claws come out!” she said. “That’s when the redneck does come out. I don’t even care.” Is that when the redneck comes out? Thanks for clarifying because we were all curious.

She continued, “I’m not gonna let him affect me as much as I did. We’ll say that. I am mad about that. I’m mad that I let him get under my skin, because I normally can keep my cool and keep my calm.” Calm? Brittany wasn’t so calm when she was screaming at Tom 1 for defending James. She went from engayaged to enrayaged.

After some time to cool off, Jax decided to be like Frozen and let it go. He explains, “I apologized. You know, you get into these reunions, you haven’t seen any of these people in a long time, you got pent up aggression or whatever, and sometimes you say things you don’t mean or you say things you do mean, but it was taken a little bit out of context. I apologized. It is what it is.”

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Jax and Brittany saw James and Raquel for the first time since the reunion at World Dog Day. Of the run in, Brittany mentioned, “We can act like adults,” she promised. “Might not have looked like it at the reunion, but we can, I swear.”

While they can buy nice things like expensive houses and get married like adults, the general public is still waiting for all of them to “act” like adults. We will have to see what amazing changes have taken place on the next season of Vanderpump Rules.

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[Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo]