Sonja Morgan

The Real Housewives Of New York certainly got a dud of a cast trip this year because they’re heading to Miami again! Not only is that a lame destination – as compared to getting capsized in Columbia – but they’re forced to stay stateside courtesy of Luann de Lessepsprobation.

I guess last time the Real Housewives Of New York traveled to Miami Bethenny Frankel unleashed evidence that Luann’s then-fiance Tom D’Agostino was cheating, so that was exciting, I guess. And then there was all the drama with Aviva Drescher‘s dad which went down in Miami a few seasons back. This time there is no Aviva, but there’s certainly Harry! Always Harry Dubin. Always Tom. Always dick, but never with a capital D. 

Anyway, tonight it is Sonja Morgans erratic behavior, not Luann’s, which is raising even botoxed to the hilt eyebrows.  After Sonja crashes Luann’s cabaret rehearsal – and who dares to crash the sacred threshold sans invitation?! – Luann starts to question Sonja’s mental state, and asks the other women if they think Sonja is ‘on something.’

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Things only escalate in Miami when Sonja’s drinking causes her to lash out at Luann and Ramona Singer, and intervention pro Bethenny is once again needed to calm things down. Skinnygirl really oughta slap a trademark on thi!.

Of course Sonja’s latest outburst is all Ramona’s fault! Because Ramona revealing that she made-out with Harry is what pushes Sonja over the edge.

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Luann’s cabaret also continues to divide the group when Dorinda Medley threatens to involve lawyers if Luann discusses their arguments in her act. Over supper a highly intoxicated Sonja explodes at Luann over her Countess attitude and Luann storms out, feeling triggered by all drunken misbehavior.

Nobody puts Countess Of Cabaret in a corner, girls!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]