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Kathryn Dennis Responds After Southern Cast Members Criticize Her Spending Habits

Season 6 of Southern Charm has given us Zen Craig Conover. Unchanged Shep Rose. And Cameran Eubanks smack dab in the middle of a mommy identity crisis. We also have Bougie Kathryn Dennis. Bougie Kat is going for glam this year with a questionable very “ladies who lunch” wardrobe and expensive new accessories.

Being a brand ambassador at Gwynn’s must pay pretty well. Kathryn’s furniture line must be selling out. She is ballin’ like Diddy and driving a Rolls Royce. I’m surprised she didn’t go straight Bentley like her future mother-in-law friend, Patricia Altschul. Kathryn is also living large in a rental house that goes for over $6,000 clams per month. Her castmates questioned her new tokens of wealth and criticized her taste motives. Now Kathryn is addressing their concerns.

After Kathryn’s friends found out about her recent purchases, many eyebrows were raised. Well, as much as Botox will allow anyway. Cameran commented that Kathryn was basically tossing six grand in the garbage every month with her rental property. Naomie Olindo said the perception of Bougie Kat’s current lifestyle was “not great” and that her new ride purchase was “foolish.” In an interview for Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast, Kathryn responded.

“I will say that they were coming from a good place,” Kathryn shared. “That conversation got misconstrued and polarized. The spending habits: They know nothing about my spending habits, quite frankly.” Yes, but they do know Kathryn and therein lies the issue.

Bougie Kat went on to say, “In retrospect, after a few more things happened, I realized whether or not they know what place they were coming from, I was making irrational, irresponsible decisions regarding money, etc.; however, I caught myself soon enough.”

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It’s good Kathryn woke up to the fact that she is involved in a custody war with her ex Thomas Ravenel. The same dude who ordered weekly drug tests on her after she lost custody of her children. So it doesn’t look awesome to be jet setting to Miami with your new boyfriend who may or may not be a douchebag.

Kathryn admitted, “My entire life has been basically making a mistake and learning afterward but luckily I have good friends who try and help guide me in the right direction,” she said. “I’m very hard-headed so I still kind of will do what I’m going to do. But life is a perpetual learning experience and I’m trying my best.”

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I think everyone can relate but we can only use the “I’m a work in progress” excuse for so long. Also, she’s a parent. Involved in, once again for the folks in the back, a CUSTODY BATTLE.

Next week’s Southern Charm shows us Bougie Kat crying over the possibility of being a single mom when if Thomas heads to the slammer. First, she’s already a single mom. Second, I’m crying too but it’s over her choice of lipstick color.

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