Real Housewives Of Atlanta Cast Member Tanya Sam Hospitalized After Scary Car Accident

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA -- Pictured: (l-r) Eva Marcille, Tanya Sam -- (Photo by: Annette Brown/Bravo)

Tanya Sam was a new addition to Real Housewives of Atlanta in Season 11. She appeared as a Friend of the Housewives. Initially, Tanya was brought on as NeNe Leakes’ friend. Oh, how that changed during the season!

NeNe became angry when she thought that Tanya dissed NeNe’s store, Swagg Boutique, during the Housewives talent show in Florida. NeNe later said that Tanya was obsessed with labels. (Hello–have you met your fellow Housewives? And looked in a mirror lately, NeNe?) In Tokyo, the ladies each got a fortune at a temple. NeNe said that Tanya’s fortune meant that she might not marry her fiancé, Paul Judge. NeNe blew up (as she typically does) when Tanya was upset over the way that NeNe shaded her relationship. Later, Bravo officially changed Tanya to Eva Marcille’s friend. Well played, Bravo. Well played.

Tanya is a rarity in the world of Housewives. She has an actual job and is the Director of Partnerships at TechSquare Labs, which is a venture capital fund and startup hub. In an exclusive interview with Reality Tea, Tanya explained why she decided to join RHOA. “When you get a show like Real Housewives of Atlanta, the reach is global,” Tanya said. “The fans have been the most amazing part for me with this. They say ‘We want to know more about what you do.’ They ask questions like ‘When’s your wedding? When are you having babies?’ That’s kind of the nice part about selectively teasing, people want to know more.”

Tanya certainly gave fans a scare when she was involved in a car accident on June 1. In an interview with People, Tanya shared all the harrowing details. The accident happened in Los Angeles, and Tanya remembers thinking that the Uber Black that she and her fiance were riding in couldn’t avoid the other car. “I could see the car coming. I could feel our speed, and my brain is going ‘We are not going to clear this car!’ I remember starting to scream and BAM! We kind of bulldozed through the car.” Paul complained of some back pain, but all the passengers from both vehicles basically seemed fine at the scene.

On June 2, Tanya attended the Wearable Art Gala. Her stomach was sore and swollen, and she felt ill. Tanya started vomiting after she reached her hotel. She later found blood in her stool and went to the hospital.

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Tanya was diagnosed with gastrointestinal bleeding and intestinal bleeding, as well as an injury caused by the seat belt. Tanya was in the hospital for two days recovering from her injuries.

Tanya, who is also a nurse, recommends “listening to your body.” Tanya stated,  “I knew I was tired, I was getting dizzy, all these little things. You’re just such a hard worker that you soldier through it. I just should’ve listened earlier to my body and put two and two together. It literally was crying out for help.”

The RHOA star told People that her injuries could have been much worse had she not been wearing her seat belt. She also thanked everyone for their support. “So many people sent me notes of concern, saying get well soon, sending positive vibes. I’m feeling so much better.”

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Tanya also took to Instagram for a special shout out to her fiancé and her sister, Tamara Sam, for being there for her. She posted a photo showing the trio and a fake dog. Tanya wrote, “The love is real, the dog is fake. But is it weird if I kinda love the dog [anyways] Thank you both for taking such good care of me.”

I am glad that Tanya is on the mend and feeling better. And I have no idea why there is a fake dog in the photo.


[Photo Credit: Annette Brown/Bravo]