Report: NeNe Leakes Has Vanderpump Rules-Type Spin-Off Show In The Works

NeNe Leakes is having a tough year.  Her husband, Gregg Leakes, was battling cancer.  And battling NeNe.  Also battling NeNe?  The majority of the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast and some of the crew.  But don’t feel sorry for NeNe, the majority of her battles are of her own making.  NeNe threatened to “f*uck up” a cameraman.  She physically assaulted Porsha Williams and another crew member in a closet. NeNe denounced her friendship with Cynthia Bailey. She fat-shamed Porsha approximately 6.2 seconds after Porsha expelled a human from her body.

Despite NeNe’s distasteful-bordering-on-criminal behavior, rumors have been swirling that she will receive a raise for appearing on RHOA Season 12.  In fact, word on the (Peachtree) street is that the entire cast has received raises.  It’s a good thing Ms. Leakes is a rich bitch, because it looks like she may not benefit from the alleged salary-hike.  It looks like Season 12 of RHOA is filming without her!

But don’t worry, boys and girls, there is a chance that our favorite erstwhile stripper-cum-Broadway performer will grace our small screens this season, after all. reports that unconfirmed sources hypothesize that Nene is busy on her own project – a Vanderpump Rulesstyle show set in the Maryland location of Nene’s Swagg Boutique.

First of all, I have been to the “Atlanta” location of Swagg.  It isn’t in Atlanta.  It located in a metropolis so far outside the city of Atlanta that I hesitate to even call it a “suburb” of Atlanta. Frankly, I’m more comfortable calling the town in which Swagg is located a suburb of Tennessee.  And I drove all the way out there for market research.  You’re welcome, readers.  Second of all, the clothing at Swagg is a cross between “club wear” and “I work at the club as a stripper wear.”  All for prices that seem to be disproportionately high to the actual amount of fabric one is purchasing.

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Reportedly, Nene’s Pump Rules-like show, which I am going to call Swagg, MD because that makes it sound like a drama about a doctor who wears the type of clothing they sell at Swagg, ATL, will focus on the lives and drama of the Swagg employees as they are managed by Dr. Nene.  I’m pretty sure Nene actually manages her boutique about as much as Lisa Vanderpump manages her restaurant.  That is to say, I firmly believe that neither woman steps foot in either establishment unless and until the cameras are rolling.

I’m also kind of confused about the whole concept of Swagg, MD.  VPR’s formula for success seems to be based solely upon the copious amounts of pheromones, booze, and back-stabbing gossip between the cast members.  Does Swagg, MD serve booze?  Is there a dumpster in the back readily available for former employees to lounge about and share salacious bits of gossip?  Will Jax Taylor be employed to bed all the boutique employees?  I’m just not sure that a “fashion” boutique (those were my sarcasm quotes) in Maryland will provide quite the same backdrop as SUR.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]