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Lisa Vanderpump Discusses Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Exit; Disses Kyle Richards

Season 9 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was all about “puppy gate” and it’s fall-out. I cannot believe that I am still writing about Dorit Kemsley’s botched puppy adoption. Dorit should have returned the puppy to Vanderpump Dogs, but instead re-homed Lucy Lucy Apple Juice. The pup ended up in a shelter. All because Dorit didn’t read abide by the adoption contract. Thanks a bunch, Dorit! A tabloid ran with the story, and the Beverly Hills Housewives decided that Lisa Vanderpump leaked the information about Dorit’s misdeed.

Kyle Richards confronted her long-time bestie and accused Lisa of lying when she denied talking to the tabloid. The confrontation was brutal and hard to watch. Lisa’s enraged husband, Ken Todd, ordered Kyle out of idyllic Villa Rosa. And just like that, the friendship between Kyle and Lisa was done.

Lisa decided that she was over dealing with attacks from her co-stars. She didn’t show up to the reunion, and quit RHOBH. I really wished that Lisa had gone to the reunion and gone out guns blazing, but I can also see her point about having been through too much. After all, she suffered through her brother’s death in April of 2018, and then her mother passed away on June 17, 2019. Lisa even started taking antidepressants and going to therapy to cope with her losses.

Lisa spoke with Entertainment Tonight about her exit from the show. “I’ve had a lot of negativity in my life over the last year and I really am trying to focus on the good that people can do and bring to the world. Losing my brother to suicide was very very difficult, my only sibling,” Lisa explained.

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Lisa continued, “I really floundered with that and sometimes, you just can’t deal. Especially being a restaurateur, you’re out in the public eye, and being on television, it was very difficult.”

She also said, “Then, I just lost my mother a couple weeks ago. The funeral was last week, so I just came back from England. But that’s life, and we all have to deal with loss in our life. It’s about moving forward and remembering the good times.”

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Lisa does admit that she was struggling with an insanely busy schedule along with her grief. “I was busy. I was stretched in all directions — opening Tom Tom here [in L.A.], opening [Vanderpump Cocktail Garden] in Vegas, doing Vanderpump Rules, all those things while trying to deal with myself emotionally, kind of trying to heal,” Lisa said. “It just became very difficult and I just said, ‘Oh, OK. That’s enough.’” As for making her decision to exit RHOBH, Lisa admitted that she didn’t “regret it at all.”

But she does wish that maybe the circumstances of her departure had been different. “What I regret is the fact that my exit wasn’t as positive as some of the wonderful moments I’ve had on the show,” Lisa stated.

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She remarked, “I wanna be really clear about this because there’s a lot of negativity about this whole Housewives situation, but I really had an amazing time. Bravo’s been incredible to me, and I don’t want to see them bashed for anything because it’s given me an incredible platform to do wonderful things, and I’m very thankful for that.”

Lisa claimed that she hasn’t watched this season or the reunion, but she did weigh in on the news that, during the reunion, Kyle was named the real queen of the show. “To me, that seems a little ridiculous, ’cause there shouldn’t be a queen. It’s an ensemble cast. If the audience chooses who they want to name a queen, then that’s fine,” Lisa commented. Then she probably went home and put on one of her tiaras.

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“I think the show was great when Kyle and I were great together, but she chose to change that and that’s fine. I would never have changed that, but that’s done and this is now,” Lisa added.

Lisa will still be appearing on Vanderpump Rules, and Andy Cohen has said that the door is open for Lisa if she should want to return to RHOBH. Lisa remarked, “It’s too soon to even discuss that.” Hmmm…that’s sounds like Lisa may one day return to claim her diamond and Housewife status.

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