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Dorit Kemsley Dishes On Drama With Camille Grammer & Lisa Vanderpump’s Departure From Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Exactly what happened on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season, aside from Lisa Vanderpump quitting? Oh right, Dorit Kemsley turned out to be the world’s worst dog owner. We cannot forget the pity party she held for herself. It lasted about 13 episodes. What else? The multiple lawsuits against Mauricio Umansky, Tom Girardi, and Dorit’s husband, PK Kemsley. We didn’t get to see much of those issues. But never fear, Camille Grammer showed up, and her truth cannon was locked and loaded.

Through all of the turmoil, Dorit wore approximately 190 different wigs and revealed a love for mesh clothing. At one point 1986 called and begged Dorit to stop. As the end draws near, Dorit shares her thoughts on the ups and downs of RHOBH.

It was not an easy season for Dorit. Scratch that, it wasn’t an easy season being any of Dorit’s dogs. Somehow, she managed to emerge unscathed from the #puppygate fiasco. For a bunch of women who claim to love animals (looking at you, Kyle), no one seemed to mind that a puppy was dropped off at a kill shelter. Ultimately Lisa V. quit the show. Grieving over the loss of her brother, Lisa decided she didn’t want to deal with who did or did not leak Dorit’s dog drama to Radar Online. It never was revealed Lisa Rinna who gave the scoop to the gossip site, but LVP gave herself a lie detector test to prove she wasn’t the culprit.

Dorit shared her thoughts on Season 9 with Extra, “[It was] a lot of ups and downs, definitely some betrayal, but also a lot of fun.” Dorit knows all about betrayal. Just ask Lucy Lucy Apple Juice… While Camille 007 says the other ladies covered up for Dorit they did, Dorit explained, “None of what she [Camille] says has any truth to it. That’s the truth.”

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When asked if she confronted Camille about her accusations, Dorit admits she had. Dorit said, “Yes, we have, but you know with Camille, I mean, you know, you’ll get an apology, but then you’ll never know what’s waiting for you around the corner… truthfully!” Wow, she’s unpredictable huh? Just like Dorit’s accent.

That Camille has a lot of spirit. She won’t let a massive inconvenience like her house burning down stand in the way of checking Dorit at a dinner table. At least ONE of the husband’s legal issues managed to be captured on film. The tense moment came when Dorit was celebrating her Beverly Beach swimwear line in the Beverly Hills Kitson. Camille accused PK of owing $1 million to a company.

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Dorit said, “She [Camille] wanted to embarrass and hurt and make some digs, and that’s what she set out to do, and that’s what she did.”

Fun fact, Dorit’s swimwear line is also currently involved in a lawsuit! Why is Dorit embarrassed? Literally, every other husband except Harry Hamlin has some kind of lawsuit going on. Harry just tries to escape from Rinna to Canada every now and then.

Meanwhile, if there is no “truth” to Camille’s claims, as Dorit says, then why do PK and Dorit having to reveal their finances in court? Shyster doth protest too much!

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Finally, Dorit touched on the theatrics with Lisa V. She says she was surprised when the original cast member peaced out on the show. “I was surprised and sad… it’s sad, it’s the end of an era, really.” But Dorit does not close the door on Lisa’s return. “She likes to be unpredictable, so you never know.” Don’t weep for LVP, she still has Vanderpump Dogs and her successful restaurant businesses to keep her in the spotlight.

With the reunion looming, the drama isn’t over yet. Lisa V. did not show up and Camille 007 wishes she hadn’t. Bravo will give us three episodes and we’ll still never find out who dumped the dog at a kill shelter. On one side of the couch, Erika will complain of a migraine. On the other side, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave will just complain. It remains to be seen if any of the questions fans have will actually be answered.

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