LeeAnne Locken Talks About The Loss Of Her Friendship With D’Andra Simmons

Can you believe that it is only a little over a week until the premiere of the Real Housewives of Dallas? If you are not watching this show, you should be. While some of the other Real Housewives shows have struggled with storylines and casting, RHOD has built up steam in its first three seasons.

One of the main storylines last season was the collapse of the friendship of LeeAnne Locken and longtime bestie D’Andra Simmons. D’Andra alleged that LeeAnne’s fiancé Rich Emberlin was cheating on her and LeeAnne alleged that D’Andra was having money problems. And that she maybe drank a bit too much sometimes. Unlike some Housewife drama that seems made up for the cameras, the fallout between LeeAnne and D’Andra seemed painful and personal. So, where do things stand between them today?

LeeAnne told HollywoodLife, “I was very blunt and honest last season, when she starting pulling away from me. I wish I would’ve known what she was saying during filming last year, because it would have been nice to address it on camera–and not listened to it from her confessionals.”

Would knowing what D’Andra was saying about her have really made a difference for LeeAnne? Or would it have just inflamed things more? LeeAnne does have an epic temper. We will never know, but the eroding of the friendship was very difficult for LeeAnne. She shared, “When D’Andra and I became not friends anymore, it was like losing family.”

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Although LeeAnne and D’Andra made some attempts throughout Season 3 to reconnect, they were never really able to pull it off. Each of them formed close friendships with unlikely allies–LeeAnne with Kameron Wescott and D’Andra with LeeAnne’s nemesis, Brandi Redmond. Kameron had issues with D’Andra and Brandi, Brandi had issues with LeeAnne and Kameron and the four fed off of each other’s drama. What a mess!

At last year’s reunion, LeeAnne and D’Andra made another attempt at a reconciliation and apologized to each other for their behavior during the season. However, it was uncertain where their friendship would head in the future.

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Does LeeAnne believe the show is the reason for her feud with D’Andra? LeeAnne declared, “I think that Dee [Simmons] made it very clear at the reunion that that was exactly the reason for the fall out.”

LeeAnne also shaded Mama Dee, claiming, “I think she has 100% influence on her daughter. I think her daughter is how, who and why she is because of how Dee did or did not raise her.” Lil’ Dee is definitely her mother’s daughter.

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LeeAnne also revealed to HollywoodLife that their relationship is still not on track. She admitted, “The other storyline that I am really interested to see [in Season 4], for myself, and to see it play out is why I still feel like it’s the same as the relationship between D’Andra and I. I think this year, people are really going to understand the difficult, delicate, and dangerous situation between us.” OK–when you mention LeeAnne Locken and “danger” in the same sentence, I’m in!

The situation is hard for both she and D’Andra, according to LeeAnne. She explained, “It’s not easy for either of us. And, I think it’ll be very clear why. [It’s] disappointing and sad more than anything. I think the turmoil between D’Andra and mine’s relationship has probably become the center of our show.”

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However, that doesn’t mean LeeAnne is ready to throw in the towel on her friendship with D’Andra. She stated that she’s “always hopeful” for their relationship.

Using her relationship with Brandi as an example of her persistence, LeeAnne said, “I never give up. Look at me and Brandi, come on.” Unless the two of them have mended fences recently, I am not sure they are the new Laverne and Shirley, but I get LeeAnne’s sentiment!

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Maybe it is time to bring in some reinforcement for LeeAnne and D’Andra to work out their differences. Mama Dee might be just the person to step in to help. Dee is blunt, bold and terrifying– stellar qualifications for a Housewife mediator.

The Real Housewives of Dallas returns to Bravo on September 4th. The whole cast will be back, with Cary Deuber in a Friend of role. Newcomer Kary Brittingham joins the cast as a Housewife. I can’t wait!


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