Real Housewives Of Dallas D'Andra Simmons

Is anyone else as happy as I am to see Real Housewives Of Dallas return for a 4th season?

RHOD may not pull in the most ratings, but it’s a sleeper success. It’s chock-full of a dynamic and dramatic cast predicated on true friendships. This season Cary Deuber was demoted to the friend zone while newbie Kary Brittingham joined the cast as a full-time Housewife.

The New Kary is a friend of D’Andra Simmons and a mom of 4, who’s 10 years into her second marriage and yearning for financial independence. Unfortunately her husband has some outdated ideas about conventional women’s roles – an issue Kameron Westcott dealt with last season! Kary gets along well with all the women except… go figure: LeeAnne Locken, whose friendship with D’Andra is still not in a good place.

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On tonight’s season premiere LeeAnne struggles to juggle wedding planning with her charity commitments, and feels overwhelmed by everything she needs to get done before the big day. Including finalizing the guest list! On that note Stephanie Hollman decides something has to be done to bring D’Andra and LeeAnne back together again and she is just the gal to do it.

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Appealing to everyone’s mutual love of therapy, Stephanie decides to host a “Friendtervention.” She hopes to bring D’Andra and LeeAnne into the same room to talk through their long-standing unresolved issues. Unfortunately, D’Andra has other, more pressing, issues on her mind: Mama Dee might have scammed her!

Mama Dee finally decided to turn over control of Ultimate Living. However, the company is in major financial duress. Mama Dee never shared this with her daughter! Um, didn’t D’Andra have a forensic accountant? Now D’Andra has to revitalize the dying brand. She also has to navigate an even more complex relationship with her mother. Mama Dee refuses to take accountability for anything. Including deceiving her daughter! Things are so bad D’Andra is considering closing Ultimate Living!

Hmmm… I guess those rumors about D’Andra having $200 in her bank account were true. Good thing she has all those oil shares and bonds!

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