Lala Kent Says Al Pacino Told Her She’s A “Really Good” Actress

There’s no doubt that the Bravo network has a very avid following. I mean, BravoCon tickets sold out instantly. However, there are very few Bravolebrities who have truly transcended their reality star status. Bethenny Frankel is a household name thanks to her business success and philanthropic powerhouse. Lisa Vanderpump has the most loyal following of them all. Even people who don’t watch Real Housewives knows Teresa Giudice for her legal troubles (sorry, girl, but it’s true).

Could Lala Kent be the next big name to come out of Bravo? She just might be, according to Al Pacino anyway. Or at least that’s what Lala claims

On a recent episode of the Scheananigans podcast, Lala discussed filming a scene with the legendary actor. The Vanderpump Rules star said, “It was crazy because after I finished, Al was like ‘Wow. You’re really good.’ All of my scenes were with Al Pacino. Let me give you the backstory on how this happened.” Please do, Lala.

And, yes, she got this role through her man Randall Emmett. However, she claims that she really “earned” the part. Sure, Jan.

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She recalled, “Rand tells me that they’re doing this movie Axis Sally.  I said, ‘I need to be in it’. He said, ‘There’s only one part left. The only problem is it’s playing opposite Al Pacino.’

Lala (supposedly) told Randall, “That’s not a problem,” but he said it was because he couldn’t just straight up give her the part. He needed to get it approved by Al and members of the production team. Don’t you hate it when nepotism doesn’t work out?

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Anyway, Lala told Randall, “Just give me the script. I’m gonna go work on it. I’ll audition and you can tell me if this works for you.’ And it worked.” Apparently.
Circling back to her interactions with Al, Lala told Scheana Shay, “He was like ‘No, you’re really, really good.’ Right then,  I was like this is one of those moments I’m going to remember my whole life.” And this is a moment that I wish was filmed for Vanderpump Rules even though I know it wasn’t.
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I’m not gonna lie, now I’m curious about this movie. I need to see a Lala and Al Pacino interaction. I would absolutely die if Al talked about Lala’s acting abilities in an interview. 

[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/ Bravo]