Lala Kent Responds To 50 Cent’s Digs At Her Sobriety

Lala Kent just couldn’t leave the Fofy situation in the past, could she? She had to know that she was reigniting her feud with 50 Cent when she shaded him during a recent Watch What Happens Live appearance. And, months later, I’m still shocked that Lala has beef with an early 2000’s rapper, yet here we are.

Lala told Andy Cohen that she “dinged” 50 Cent’s ego. The Vanderpump Rules star even claimed to have receipts, but she didn’t share those. In response, 50 went in on her and Randall Emmett all weekend long with memes, videos, and sales for the “I’m sorry Fofty” t-shirt. Now, Lala is clapping back.

50 really struck a nerve when he said Lala and Randall will “live drunk and high happily ever after” in an Instagram caption. In another post, he wrote, “Randell: I’m sorry Fofty this bitch is drunk and high. It told her to put that damn phone down she won’t listen.”

He even claimed, “Oh this bitch be drunk 4 days straight. She must just be on some drunk hoe, I don’t remember type shit.”

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Lala wrote in her Instagram Story, “I feel it’s important for me to say this and I’m only going to address this once…” Did she finally learn a lesson about angering 50 Cent?

Lala Kent Responds To 50 Cent’s Digs At Her Sobriety

Lala told her followers, My sobriety is something I’m proud of and work on everyday. I’ve never done cocaine no were any other substances, other than alcohol, involved in my decision to get sober.”

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She continued, “I pride myself on being open and honest about everything in my life, hopefully inspiring others and letting them know they are not alone.”

Lala Kent Instagram Story 50 Cent

Then, she got to the matter at hand. Lala wrote, “In the past couple of days I’ve been slammed to say the least. People have asked me how I’m maintaining keeping my head up… To me it’s simple-  I know Real Life from the illusion of social media. I know what it feels like to have your world crumble.”

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She put things in perspective when she wrote, “Getting a phone call from your brother saying your dad has passed away… that is earth shattering. Being called names and being falsely accused of things… that is far from earth shattering.”

Lala concluded, “My mindset is something I’m grateful for- however I can’t help but think how many people are taking their own lives, daily, due to cyber bullying. It is imperative that I tell you, you are not by yourself. I see you. I stand by you. I’m on your team. You are loved and make a difference in this world.”

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