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Jax Taylor Explains Why He Blocked Fellow Vanderpump Rules Costars

The longer I watch/listen to this guy, the more I wonder how he has any friends left.  Let alone a wife.

Vanderpump Rules no longer cool bad boy Jax Taylor has always been trigger happy with his block button. Say something he doesn’t like? You’ve got to go. Criticize him in any way?  Bye Bye.  Well, apparently that open mindedness isn’t just for the random person online.  His  so-called friends are also subjected to his fickle censorship.

Recently, we learned that Jax had quit following Tom Sandoval, Kristen Doute and Ariana MadixThis had everyone wondering what had happened between the friends.

Jax explained the situation in an Us Weekly interview. He still has love for his costars, but he goes through a phase “…usually when it’s after a couple drinks and then I’ll go through the blocking phase.”

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Even Andy Cohen has talked to him about it. Jax said, ““Andy Cohen always tells me just to mute people and say, ‘Don’t give people the satisfaction. You should just mute them.’ But no, I’d rather block them, because they think they’re being cute, so I’m just going to block them.”

Most would think that if you were to block someone on social media, which a pretty public statement of the status of your relationship, that things were not all sunshine and roses.  However, Jax would like for us to believe that things are still great between him and those he has silenced.

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“I think they’re great people,” Jax stated. He inisted, “I love them. I mean, Tom’s my best friend.  I just need a break.” Apparently, just ignoring what they write wouldn’t have garnered nearly as much attention.

“People don’t understand, yes, we do film a show together, but we also hang out together everyday.  We hang out together more when we don’t film than when we do film, if that makes any sense,” he said.

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And while many other reality shows  may have cast members who only see each other while filming, Jax says that isn’t the case for Pump Rules.  In fact, he likens his cast mates to siblings. “..When you hang out with your brother and sister, you start to get annoyed after awhile, you need a break. You need a break.” he repeated. Right, I’m sure it’s HIM who needs the break.

It sounds as though his friends are used to his ways.  After blocking Kristen for two weeks he started following her again. Prompting Kristen to post a photo of the two of them together on her Instagram with the caption, “He loves me, he loves me not..HE LOVES ME…”

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Jax told Us Weekly, “As far as blocking my castmates, I’ve unblocked one of them, Kristen, and two others are still blocked and they’re going to stay blocked.” Sorry, Tom and Ariana.

Scheana Marie Shay has shared that Jax has blocked her as well in the past. And when she asked him about it, his response was he had done it to everyone so it wasn’t personal. And how did Scheana handle it? She unfollowed him, “..Ok, I guess I’ll return the favor and unfollow you,” she explained “..I’m never surprised by him, or I’m always surprised by him, one or the other.” Sounds like an exhausting friendship.

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Hey, if these guys were normal they wouldn’t be on a reality show on Bravo.  Their kind of crazy is what keeps us coming back for more.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]