Ariana Madix, Kristen Doute, & Brittany Cartwright Comment On Jax Taylor’s Feuds With His Vanderpump Rules Costars

Minus the exclusion of one British DJ and his girlfriend, most of the Vanderpump Rules cast got along during Season 7. Not-so-coincidentally, it was the least eventful season so far. It’s great that everyone is settling down and moving into houses in the Valley, but that doesn’t sound like exciting TV to me.

Well, apparently the Pump Rules crew is making up for the Season 7 snooze. Or at least that’s what it seems like based on social media. Jax Taylor appears to be on the outs with Tom Sandoval, one of two best men in his very recent wedding. He’s also not following Kristen Doute, Ariana Madix, and Scheana Marie, who were his wife Brittany Cartwright’s bridesmaids. Again, this wedding happened at the end of June. How did things change so much in such a short span of time? Or was this wedding weekend just a complete sh*t show full of drama?

Well, E! News previously reported that part of this falling out stems from Lance Bass, of all people. He officiated Jax and Brittany’s wedding after Lisa Vanderpump bowed out following her mother’s passing. They went from having an openly a reportedly homophobic pasto to Lance Bassr to Lance Bass. That is quite the change. Anyway, E! News claimed that Ariana and Tom were bothered by Lance officiating the wedding since they felt he was only chosen because he was a “celebrity,” which doesn’t really make any sense to me. Aren’t all of these people celebrities to some extent? What difference would that make?

According to a post from the Instagram account Comments by Bravo, Brittany commented on that IG post with “so off” with a bunch of laughing emojis. So does that mean they are not beefing? Or was that just a denial of Lance Bass-instigated issues?

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Ariana commented on that same post to say “love y’all, but you need better sources!” And, of course, she’s not gonna divulge anything. We will just have to wait until Season 8 to see how things play out.

Brittany Cartwright Responds To Rumor About Jax Taylor Feuding With Ariana Madix & Tom Sandoval

Kristen chimed in via Twitter. She wrote, “I know @enews has been saying that Jax unfollowed some of us because of something regarding his wedding. Let me clear the air: Jax did not unfollow me, Jax blocked me. Why? NO CLUE. But I promise you it has nothing to do with beautiful Britt or their wedding.”

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If Jax blocked Kristen, that probably means he blocked Sandoval, Ariana, and Scheana, but WHY!? And while we are talking, why did he block Reality Tea? That’s the one beef I’m really curious about.


[Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo]