The Mid-Season Trailer For Real Housewives Of Orange County Has Everything We Need

Hold on to your Sky tops everyone, because Real Housewives of Orange County is going to get even better! A lot of fans have been sick of RHOC for seasons. I checked out after Season 10 with Brooks Ayers’ cancer-scam. That was a serious low-point for Vicki Gunvalson and the series in general. That awful storyline showed how far some people were willing go for camera time, and how manufactured the series had become. We’re lucky that ship has sailed!

Season 14 is already revitalizing RHOC. The drama is real and personal. Kelly Dodd is carrying the season on her shoulders. Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson are actually keeping up too. At moments the show is dark, but there have been other moments that bring some light and love to the O.C. People’s hesitation to watch is understandable. Last week, Shannon Storms Beador and Tamra Judge milked the drama by rushing to the hospital after Kelly Dodd playfully gonged Shannon on the head. Aside from that ridiculousness, the mid-season trailer is here and it looks like things are ready to take off!

Shared exclusively with Entertainment Tonight, the mid-season trailer promises a lot! The two-minute trailer is overflowing with alcohol, bad outfits, and terrible decisions. It begins with Tamra drunkenly falling off of her chair at dinner, then takes us to Emily getting spanked by a male stripper, and jumps to the O.G. of the O.C. on a carriage, dressed for a campy English tea party. Vicki seems to be in the center of most scenes – proving that this demotion might have been just what she needed to get back in the game.

We also see some shake-ups with the tres amigas. At one point, Shannon declares “Tamra’s the sh*t stirrer. She’s behind every bit of drama!” True, but we don’t know what that drama is yet. We also see that Shannon spends the rest of the season acting like Regina George’s mom and lighting her hair on fire.

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The trailer also reveals that the women think Braunwyn Windham-Burke has a drinking problem. Tamra accuses Kelly of pushing her mom down the stairs. Gina hooks up with her cheating husband again and Kelly and Brian accuse each other of cheating decide they’re better as “just friends.” Oh and Vicki gets engaged! Aside from that storyline good news, the trailer ends with Vicki screaming at an ambulance – as only she can – “come get Kelly Dodd! She’s right there – take her away. Go get her!” There’s a lot of moving story here and I am ready!

As reported earlier on Entertainment Tonight, Tamra called Season 14 “outrageous” and noted that she had been “getting messages from fans saying, ‘This is the old OC, this is it!’” Agreed. She even added, “to me, it gets a little dirty, a little too dirty, interfering with people’s lives and such, but I guess that’s good TV.” Coming from Tamra, that says a lot. Let’s see what happens!

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[Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo]