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Brandi Glanville Defends Lisa Rinna For Posting Videos Of Herself Dancing In A Bikini

We have come to learn many things about Lisa Rinna during her years as a Housewife. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star loves to stir the pot, deflecting from her own issues at all costs. She is a crafty expert at using others–like Kim Richardsto create storylines. We know she is crazy about her hubby Harry Hamlin. And Lisa loves to promote her daughters’ modeling careers.

Lisa also craves the spotlight, doing everything from performing desperate tabletop stripper moves to playing a vulgar Erika Jayne for Halloween. Mrs. Hamlin veers towards attention-seeking on social media, occasionally trolling controversy, like making fun of people observing Lent. Usually, though, her Instagram posts are all about Rinna. Often in a bikini. Sometimes showing off her questionable dance moves. Lisa takes occasional heat for her swimwear posts, but she has a surprising ally who celebrates her bikini love. None other than fellow exhibitionist Brandi Glanville.

Former Housewife Brandi defended Lisa on her new YouTube series Drinking and Tweeting with Brandi Glanville, stating, “We need to talk about Lisa Rinna because people are shaming Lisa Rinna for wearing a bikini and dancing. Saying that she’s too old to wear a bikini and do that.”

Of course, Brandi being Brandi, she decided to engage in a respectful dialogue with Lisa’s detractors by exclaiming, “F**k all of you that say that! F**k you. Seriously, f** you, f**k you, f**k you. Because at 55, she looks better than most 25 year-olds and why is there an age limit on dancing or wearing a bikini?”

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As far as I know, there is no age limit for getting your groove on in a bikini like Lisa does, for example, in this Instagram post. Maybe there are some obscure state laws on the books regulating bikini dancing, who knows? I guess Lisa could be fined or arrested in Nebraska for her behavior. OK–I would pay to see that! Certainly, Lisa looks good in a bikini at 55–maybe even better than Brandi thinks, as Lisa is actually 56.

Social arbiter Brandi told her viewers that Lisa should be applauded, saying, “F**k all of you haters. She looks great. We should be celebrating her.” On that, I will agree with Brandi. Did I really just say that? Agreeing with Brandi about celebrating Lisa? But, hey, shouldn’t people be proud of their bodies, no matter their age, size or shape?

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Showing her support for people letting it all hang out, Brandi declared, “If I want to go out in a Hello Kitty f**king sparkling headband and cut off shorts and a f**king My F**king Little Pony t-shirt, I’m gonna do it.” Of that, I have no doubt. Let’s just hope she is not heading to a parent-teacher conference at the time!

Brandi believes that ageism is part of the reason that Lisa has bikini dancing detractors. She explained, “There really shouldn’t be an age limit on anything…guess what, if you wear something, you’re way too old for that. No b*tch, you’re just way too stupid to recognize that we can all do whatever the f**k we want to do.”

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Although Brandi’s approach might be a bit crude, she has a point. Why should anyone behave in a certain way just because of their age? Who sets these arbitrary rules? If no one is harmed in the commission of your joy, who cares? And isn’t a bikini dancing Lisa less annoying than a show-off signature move by Kyle “Splits” Richards?

In a final fan girl accolade, Brandi proclaimed, “And I have to just shout out Lisa Rinna. You look f**king amazing. And better than most people. I mean, to be honest, let’s be clear. So all you haters, s**k a d**k!”

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