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Southern Charm Alum Thomas Ravenel Says Media Reports About Him Are False; Fat Shames Follower On Twitter

Former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel recently avoided serious consequences for a sexual assault charge. He has also engaged in a long-term custody battle with Kathryn Dennis over their two children. We never hear too many positive things about T-Rav. Viewers remember his subtle gaslighting techniques and fondness for bourbon. While fans were once fond of the ex State Treasurer, reports about his alleged volatile personality and litigious nature have plagued him following his departure from the show that made him infamous.

Thomas ultimately plead guilty to the charges he faced, brought on by a former nanny. And although he avoided jail severe penalties in that case, there is hope that it humbled him. Perhaps he learned a lesson. Maybe it released a gentler side of T-Rav? Well, don’t hold your breath. Thomas might be misunderstood, but he certainly isn’t being pleasant about explaining himself.

Now that Thomas’ sexual assault trial is over, he is speaking out. He recently took to his private Twitter account to share his feelings on the media. According to CheatSheet, Thomas claims pretty much everyone has been reporting false information about him. He bashed multiple media outlets for publishing #fakenews. “It’s amazing the fiction I read about myself from supposedly credible sources especially when the correct info is public information unsealed and recorded in family court. #people #radar #bravo #foxnews In other news, aliens just invaded the White House #zerocredibility,” T-Rav tweeted.

Which part is fiction? The sexual harassment that he plead guilty to? The public shaming of the mother of his children in an effort to gain more custody? Or his past relationship with a powdery white substance? All of that aside, Thomas still has his supporters. One fan wrote, “What’s reported and what’s facts are not usually the same thing anymore. We all know that. Allegations are treated as facts, and opinions are formed by ignorance. Rise! Don’t give it your breath.”

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Another Thomas-lover replied, “Fake news is a real thing. Do you ever regret signing on to do Southern Charm? I don’t think there’s any amount of money that could get me to put my life on tv, and I haven’t had nearly as interesting a life as you.” Thomas simply responded, “Truer words…”

Not everyone was on Team T-Rav though. A Twitter user wrote, “Well, I enjoyed you on Southern Charm so I followed you. Then, l just never bothered to unfollow. So, not stalking. Crazy? Nope. Review your life choices and rethink who is crazy. Be a good dad to your kids and be good to their mother. Bye.” Then, in a move that might not surprise anyone, Thomas lashed out with, “Rather than stalk me it’d probably be healthier to stalk Jenny Craig. Obesity is a killer. Just FYI.” Oh, Thomas. Petty LaBelle called and said, “you tried”. Taking the high road just isn’t happening, huh? Maybe this is why his Twitter account is private.

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While Thomas wants the moral majority to know the media reports of his explosive nature are exaggerated, his social media presence tends to tell a different story. I guess for now it’s safe to assume the gentler side of Thomas has yet to be uncovered. We’ll wait.


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