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Friend Of Thomas Ravenel Falsely Accuses Kathryn Dennis Of Burglary

I just want to begin by saying even for the most jaded reality television drama lovers, this one is sketchy. Southern Charm star, Kathryn Dennis has been accused of many things. She had a problem with substance abuse and went to rehab. She has been accused of being an unfit mother by Thomas Ravenel. The courts disagreed and she was awarded 50/50 custody of her kids after a lengthy battle. The father of her children also accused Kathryn of conspiring against him with the victim of a now-settled sexual assault charge. Thomas admitted guilt and was forced to pay a fine.

Throughout all of these accusations, Kathryn has remained relatively low key. She lost her mother to cancer over the summer and ended her relationship with former boyfriend, Hunter Price. Aside from a couple of car accidents, which didn’t exactly help her reformed image, Kathryn generally stays under the radar. Until now, that is. In a very twisted turn of events, new allegations were lodged against Kathryn. But by all accounts, it has no chance of sticking.

I don’t think it is outlandish to assume there are some shady characters in Charleston. Birds of a feather flock together, and all that jazz. I mean, remember Ashley Jacobs? Anyway, an old chum of Thomas’ recently accused Kathryn of something that apparently didn’t happen. Even by my flexible standards, this is strange.

As first reported by Tamara Tattles, a woman named Lara Dawson has been arrested and charged for filing a false police report. According to The Blast, on September 27, Lara contacted police with claims Kathryn was breaking into her home. Officers responded to a burglary in progress. The police report showed Lara described Kathryn as a “former friend”. She also said Kathryn was with a “large black male in a red shirt and they were driving in a black Honda SUV, with a Texas license plate.” That’s rather detailed info for something that didn’t happen.

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It gets more interesting. Lara proceeded to advise police she witnessed Kathryn go to the front and back door, and “take something with her” to the Honda. Lara then stated, “the property had signs of forced entry on her porch door”. The cops examined the door in question and did not see any forced entry evidence. Nor was anyone inside of the residence. The police report read, “There was what appeared to be pre-existing damage to the framing on the lower part of the door. The exposed wood looked aged and roughly in the same condition to the rest of the framing.”

With me so far? Obviously, at this point, the police are questioning Kathryn’s whereabouts. Well, they contacted Kathryn’s lawyer and spoke with her directly. It was confirmed she had actually been at her attorney’s office since 11:50 am – hours before the alleged crime. Very curious indeed. Then Mr. Officer introduced Lara to the Handcuff Twins and promptly placed her under arrest. She was booked into jail and released on a $1,500 bond.

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Fun fact, Lara’s old roommate is none other than our friend Ashley! When T-Rav gave Ashley the boot from his pad, she moved in with Lara. Bet that was a fun household. Lara was involved in Kathryn and Thomas’ custody dispute as well. She previously testified on Kathryn’s behalf regarding her parenting of Saint and Kensie Ravenel.

So basically Lara has gone from defending Kathryn to accusing her of stalking and B&E. Lara claimed she has had a good friendship with Kathryn up until a few weeks ago.

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I don’t know guys, this has a lot of loose ends. Do you smell a setup? Mistaken identity? Could Lara know two 6 foot redheads in the Charleston area? Were substances we don’t know about involved in this bizarre incident? At this time, Kathryn has made no public statement, but we will keep you posted.


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