Shannon Beador

There’s a new girl out and about in the OC this season. Transformed Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador is single and ready to mingle after her long, drawn out divorce from David Beador. Fans of the show have spent season after season watching Shannon be miserable in her marriage and also unhappy following her split from David in 2017.

Now, rejuvenated Shannon looks fantastic, is less self-pitying and is not only ready to ride the fun bus, she is driving it to new and exciting places! Shannon shared with viewers last week a unique way in which she might be ready to whoop it up as a new, single lady about town. She had the O-Shot, or Orgasm Shot, an injection that is supposed to increase sexual satisfaction for women. Before having the procedure, Shannon was told that the shot would “heighten orgasms” and give her some “oomph.”

On the Real Housewives of Orange County Aftershow, Shannon updated viewers on the results of her latest medical intervention. She was asked, “Was the O-Shot worth it?”

Shannon replied, “OK, well–the O-Shot apparently wears off six months after you have it done, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you.” So, does that mean what I think it does?

We all know Housewives have to be ready for anything, so Shannon was probably not shocked or offended by the next obvious question, “You didn’t test drive the O-Shot?” Shannon answered with a simple, “No.”

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No? No? You go to all the trouble of having something injected into your vagina and you don’t even try it out? It is kind of like buying a Ferrari and instead of taking it out for some wild rides, you leave it parked in your garage! Only Shannon!

How long do you think it would have been before Kelly Dodd or Tamra Judge would have waited to give the O-Shot a whirl? You just know over-sharing, kind of freaky threesome queen Braunwyn Windham-Burke would have been with her hubby Sean Burke at their garish pied-a-terre in 10 seconds flat to do some scientific research on the shot’s effects.

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In a follow-up question, Shannon was asked, “So that was all for nothing?” She responded, “Well, I thought it was an interesting concept and I was willing to try it. I don’t know if I necessarily need the shot.”

As Shannon never tried the treatment out, I guess we will never know if the shot would have added some zing to her love life. The injection will go down in Shannon history with nine lemons in a bowl as a “does it really work” concept.

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Fortunately for Shannon, her love life has been looking up as of late. So, maybe the need for the O-Shot is a moot point. After various reports of Shannon dating over the last few years, she made it Instagram official with her new boyfriend, John Janssen, over the summer. Her social media is full of photos of the two them–taking trips together, attending parties and posing with their children–a total of six between them.

Good for Shannon! It looks like she has her oomph back. Shannon is proof that you can go through a difficult marriage and divorce and come out happy on the other side. Maybe she didn’t need that O-Shot after all!

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