Shannon and David

Shannon Beador Tried To Introduce Ex David Beador To New Boyfriend; David Walked Away

Shannon STORMS Beador is used to things not going her way. When she began her run on Real Housewives of Orange County, her now ex-husband, David Beador, was dipping his chips in someone else’s salsa. Much to the viewers’ weekly dread, The Affair became an entity on its own. We had counseling because of The Affair. We had awkward interactions with David and Shannon’s children, because of The Affair. And we learned nine lemons in a bowl with a side of crystals didn’t do a damn thing to end The Affair.

Ultimately Shannon, The Affair, and David ended their 17-year marriage. Shannon replaced David with the beloved Archie, and David immediately shacked up with another woman. Since then, Shannon has experienced weight gain, self-doubt, and breakdowns as a result of her relationship ending. Thankfully Shannon turned a corner. She started working out. She created her own business. And she started dating! Now as Shannon navigates her new love life, she has to circumvent the old one. But what happens when the two worlds collide? According to Shannon, about what you would expect.

Earlier this year, Shannon found herself involved with a gentleman by the name of, Rick Stanley. The relationship didn’t last long, but that’s okay because Shan needed to get her feet wet before going back into lockdown town. On this season of RHOC, we have been privy to Shannon’s new outlook on life, and her continued unholy alliance to Tamra Judge.

While everyone is glad Shannon is no longer a walking, talking dark cloud of buzzkill, she has been oversharing again. No one really needs to see a woman getting a vadge shot with hopes of giving her the ‘ole razzle dazzle in bed. In any case, it looks like Shannon might be able to reap the benefits of the injection with her new man. Shannon has been seeing John Janssen since the early summer.

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While we’re on the subject of her new love, apparently poor bad-sex David had an almost run-in with Shannon’s current boyfriend. Unfortunately, it did not go well. Shannon explained in an interview with Us Weekly. “They’ve seen each other, but David isn’t interested. I tried to introduce them, but he walked away. David walked away.” Oh David, where are your big boy manners? But Shannon said she was not at all surprised by David’s reaction. “I should have expected it,” she said.

Aw, so maybe David and John won’t be BFFs but that’s okay. Shannon is having a great time with John because he isn’t cheating they are partners, which is a whole new thing for her. “My friends have known him for 30 years, so I didn’t have to make sure he was there for the right reasons. He’s just a great person. I have a great connection with him,” she said. Shannon also dropped the L word, “I’m very much in love,” she admitted. Huh, maybe there’s something to the vadge shot after all…

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And even though she was severely traumatized by The Affair, Shannon said marriage is not off the table in the future. “I definitely want to be married. I want to share my life with someone and have that partner and grow old with someone. I’m looking forward to that.” But for now, she and John are keeping it cool. “We make plans way into the future so that’s a good thing,” Shannon said. “We spent a lot of time together, but he’s not moving in. We’re still new. But we’re so comfortable together, it’s weird. I feel like I’ve known him for the longest time.”

I know Shannon gets on everyone’s a lot of people’s nerves, but I hope she finds true happiness. Even demonstrative women prone to histrionics who might have an agenda and may or may not be a gullible hypochondriac deserve love too.

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