Report: NeNe Leakes Had To “Sit Out” Filming First Weeks Of New Real Housewives Season Due To “Poor Behavior”

Buckle up because it’s almost time for Real Housewives of Atlanta to return! And you know what that means, we get to talk about Fight Club NeNe Leakes and whatever personality she gives to the cameras. Last season we saw all of NeNe’s friendships dissolve. We also learned to never, ever go into NeNe’s closet. Unless you have good health insurance.

In Bravo’s 12th venture to Hotlanta, Shamari DeVoe dropped off the face of the Earth, but Kenya Moore is back! She’s bringing her baby and now discarded husband into the chaos. We all know if there is one thing that makes NeNe madder than happy people, it’s anything to do with Ms. Kenya. NeNe was suspiciously absent during the first few weeks of filming. We were told tales of contract negotiation delays, but now that might not be the case. It turns out, maybe NeNe’s bad attitude did negatively impact her OG spot. But the question is, did NeNe learn a lesson from her poor behavior? All signs point to no. Allegedly.

I hope you are ready for the drama because it is headed our way. There have been multiple media reports regarding the fussing and fighting involved with the newest season of RHOA. But it wasn’t until NeNe showed back up that things really started getting heated. Some viewers suspected NeNe was suspended due to her violent actions during the closet episode. Others thought the remaining cast were over NeNe’s antics and refused to film with her. While those theories were valid, it appeared NeNe’s absence was due to delayed contract negotiations. Or was it?

According to Love B Scott, NeNe was purportedly forced to “sit out” for at least the first part of the season. So maybe putting her hands on a camera operator wasn’t the best idea after all? ALLEGEDLY, NeNe’s altercation with producers was more intense than Bravo aired. Per the article, “Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss shared that one of the crew members ended up in the hospital with a missing tooth after NeNe put her hands on him.” Dental work is expensive, y’all!

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So has NeNe cut back on her temper? Love B Scott says no to that one too. It has been reported that NeNe and Kenya got into a SERIOUS fight while on a trip to Athens. Because nothing says anger like beautiful scenery, amirite? Apparently the two were arguing over NeNe’s sketchy relationship with Kenya’s soon to be ex husband Marc Daly.

The article shared, supposedly “Kenya confronted NeNe after hearing that she’d been talking to Marc behind her back. Things escalated quickly, with NeNe telling Kenya that Marc said he ‘doesn’t even like’ her. NeNe continued to throw out different things she and Gregg [Leakes] were allegedly told by Marc as their fight got more intense.” Then in unconfirmed reports, a source said, “NeNe began to make a ‘hocking’ sound as if she was preparing to spit in Kenya’s direction.” It is not known at this time if saliva aimed at Kenya actually left NeNe’s mouth.

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It has been previously reported that Kenya and NeNe also had a go at each other on a cast trip to Toronto. “NeNe and Kenya got into a major altercation and nearly got physical with each other earlier this season during the cast trip to Toronto.” ALLEGEDLY. Is sight-seeing just too boring for these ladies?

It will be interesting to see how much Bravo chooses to show, if these blowups did in fact take place. Will the network try to protect NeNe’s already tarnished image? Has Kenya’s return sent NeNe over the edge? Stay tuned, we’re about to find out.

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