NeNe Leakes Denies Rumors That She “Exploded” Over Cynthia Bailey’s Engagement

Can’t we all just get along? Not in Hotlanta, baby. It’s a policy that seems to be working for NeNe Leakes. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s career is somewhat based on her negative attitude. NeNe iced out good friends Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams in the path of destruction she spearheaded last season. Triggered by Kenya Moore, NeNe managed to alienate most of her co-stars and challenge the core values of friendship.

After demoting Cynthia and Porsha, the cast had little to do with NeNe. Contract negotiations delayed her return in front of the cameras, but Season 12 finds NeNe standing by the wayside. It seems her only minion ally is Marlo Hampton, who remains loyal to NeNe because it might lead to a peach. But now Marlo might be in the hot seat. After Cynthia found herself engaged to Mike Hill, the cast celebrated the occasion at a filmed venue. To no one’s surprise NeNe didn’t show, but minion Marlo did. Is Marlo’s wig next on NeNe’s chopping block? Needy NeNe is once again on the train of denial, she addresses her reaction to Cynthia’s engagement and Marlo’s thirstiness supposed betrayal.

Guess what, NeNe is refuting reports of her shitty disposition explosive temper. It must be tough to live in a world thinking you can do no wrong. And lonely. But is NeNe about to get even lonelier? Last year NeNe said Cynthia would only get engaged to her boyfriend for a storyline. Well, it happened and will obviously be a big moment for RHOA. Never fear, just because NeNe wasn’t there doesn’t mean she won’t comment on it. But NeNe wants us to know she’s actually happy for Cynthia. Wait, what?

According to Radar Online, “Marlo, who had already filmed with NeNe for the new RHOA season, attended the wine event where Cynthia got engaged, enraging NeNe in the process.” Does anyone think NeNe has some control issues that might need addressing? An insider shared, “NeNe was pissed with Marlo for filming with Cynthia and the rest of the group.” Nothing surprising here, at this point not much is expected of NeNe when it involves a positive attitude. Marlo has made an effort to encourage NeNe to lighten up, “Marlo told her [NeNe] she needs to let it go and apologize to everyone.” I won’t be putting money down in Vegas waiting for this to happen.

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NeNe didn’t show up for the “surprise” engagement and she had “no regrets” about missing it. The insider claimed RHOA cameras captured NeNe’s tense exchange with Marlo, after Marlo decided screen time was more important to attend Cynthia and Mike’s event.

But NeNe adamantly refuses these claims. In a now-deleted Instagram post, she shared, “Number 1, WHY would i explode? WHY? Chile I don’t want high blood pressure. Number 2, i sent @cynthiabailey10 the nite of her engagement a beautiful gift and card. I couldn’t be happier for her finding love again,” NeNe wrote. “Number 3 @radaronline and all the others who continue to pick this up, post, write trying to diminish/damage my character should try using their time in a more productive way like donating to @americancancersociety. The Lies The Lies The Lies in @kandi [Burruss] voice.” I agree with NeNe, more people should donate to American Cancer Society. NeNe might benefit from some oncology education herself, seeing as she believes bad Karma causes the disease.

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Apparently, NeNe did have a pleasant reaction to Cynthia’s newfound joy. Backing NeNe up, Cynthia responded in the comments, “Thank you for your beautiful gift. Especially the card. Both were a lovely surprise. It meant a lot.” Surprising indeed, and a nice change of pace! This is great, but NeNe needs to swallow her pride and start filming with her co-stars. Otherwise, what is the point of her being on the show?

Will NeNe ever make up with Cynthia? Can NeNe repair her friendship with Porsha? Or will NeNe continue to wallow in the misery that is Kenya’s return she made famous? We know one thing, NeNe’s refusal to film with the other ladies hasn’t stopped them. It remains to be seen if NeNe’s is making a stand or making a case for Bravo to demote another OG.

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