Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star Cynthia Bailey Gives An Update Her On Relationship With NeNe Leakes

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey is loving life right now. Her boyfriend, sportscaster Mike Hill, proposed to Cynthia on July 26th while Bravo cameras recorded their special moment.

We know that Cynthia loves a good hashtag, such as “#CHill.”  That one combines her name with her fiance’s. I think that one is cute.

In fact, Cynthia is already planning for their wedding. She posted on Instagram “SAVE THE DATE this time & day next year 10/10/20, I will officially be Mrs. Cynthia Denise Bailey-Hill!”

But there is one RHOA co-star that probably isn’t going to score an invite, and that is former bestie NeNe Leakes. NeNe accused Cynthia of getting engaged so that she could have a storyline. Ouch!

Last season NeNe cancelled their friendship contract because Cynthia invited Kenya Moore to a launch party. NeNe called RHOA alum Kenya a “monster,” and was furious that Cynthia didn’t allow her to approve the guest list. Cynthia told NeNe that she didn’t think Kenya was coming to the event. There were some very strange moments during the finale showing that Cynthia might have whispered in Mike’s ear that she knew Kenya was coming.

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There was also a suspicious phone call between Cynthia and Kandi Burruss that indicated that Cynthia knew that Kenya was showing up. Kandi answered the phone and said, “I’m mic’d. I’m mic’d. I’m mic’d.” Cynthia said, “I just want to make sure we was on the same page setting up how Kenya got there.” But don’t worry–Cynthia blamed editing for those shady moments. And NeNe is just over the moon that Kenya has her peach again.

So, what is the status of Cynthia’s relationship with NeNe during Season 12 of RHOA? In an interview with HollywoodLife, Cynthia said, “The last time you saw us on TV we were in a really bad place. Season 12 was tough because we kind of stayed in that really bad place.” Cynthia stated that the duo did work on their relationship. “I’m happy to say we’re in a better place [now]. We’re not in a great place, “Cynthia explained. “We’re not in the perfect place, but we are in a way better place by the time we get to the end of the season [12].”

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Cynthia is relieved that she tried to heal their friendship. “I definitely have personal closure at this point. I’m evolved and I feel conversations were had. I feel I told my truth, and either you accept it or you don’t, but I’m good because there’s nothing else I can do,” Cynthia said.

What else can viewers expect to see this upcoming season? (There is some rough grammar ahead.) Cynthia shared, “I’m going to sum up season 12 with, I’m in a really great place. I’m really happy, I had fun this season.” The model and entrepreneur added, “This is Cynthia’s happy and if you’re not bringing me happiness, then you can kiss my ass [season].” Boom! Mic drop!

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It sounds like viewers will see plenty of drama from the Atlanta Housewives. “When it was good, it was really good, and when it was a nightmare, it was a nightmare,” Cynthia confessed. I cannot wait until November 3 and the Season 12 premiere!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]