Tamra Judge Talked About Her Most “Embarrassing” Parenting Moment

Tamra Judge used to be the “hottest housewife in the OC”. The Real Housewives of Orange County star had that title plucked away by new cast member, Braunwyn Windham-Burke. Braunwyn has approximately 19 children and a waist snatched by Jesus. She’s also younger than any of the Sanka-drinking Tres Abuelas. That leaves plenty of time for her to make mistakes that will eventually lead to multiple years of intensive therapy for her children.

Tamra knows about making mistakes as a mom. She is estranged from oldest daughter, Sidney. After Tamra’s divorce from Simon Barney, her relationship with Sidney all but disintegrated. Per the details of the divorce, the minor children were not allowed to be filmed for RHOC. Because Tamra’s son, Ryan Veith, from a previous marriage was over 18, viewers were already familiar with that branch of her family tree. Now Tamra is reflecting on all of her children, and the errors she has made in the past.

We’ve watched Tamra struggle with Sidney, but maintain solid relationships with Spencer and Sophia Barney, her other children with Simon. Basically, Sydney didn’t want to be involved with RHOC, and more so, did not want to be discussed on-camera. Unfortunately, Tammy Sue was unable to adhere to this incredibly simple and valid request. Interestingly enough, that does not appear to be her most embarrassing parental moment.

In an interview with People, Tamra confessed the event Ryan recalls to this day. She said, “This is really bad … I was a teen mom and Ryan was probably 3 years old, and he was screaming in the car. He would not be quiet. He was in his car seat.”

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Tamra chose an alternative route to quell the situation. She shared, “And I stopped the car and I said, ‘If you don’t be quiet, I’m gonna take your car seat out and put it on the curb and I’m gonna drive away!'” Now if my kids act up, I sing show tunes in front of their friends. Or break into a spontaneous pop and lock session. I got sassed the other day, so I blared Endless Love in my car as I dropped him off at school. I’ve never threatened to leave them anywhere. Yet.

Apparently, the incident stuck with Ryan. Tamra said he still brings it up. “He still reminds me,” she continued. “He might’ve been a little older [than 3], ’cause he sure remembers! He’s like, ‘Mom, that was horrible, I can’t believe you said that!’ I go, ‘That is horrible.'”

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In Tammy Sue’s defense, there are few things more difficult than being a mother. Being a teen mother probably triples the pressure. Most parents, including myself, are guilty of taking a quick trip to the nut farm on their kids.

Currently, Tamra thinks her best mom quality is being open with her children. She explained, “They’re not afraid to talk to me, they’re very open with me,” except for Sidney, I guess? “Talking about everything. And it’s good to know what’s going on in their [lives].” All of their lives except the one who won’t speak to her?

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Tamra explained, “If it’s my 19-year-old son, we talk about girl problems. If it’s Sophia, she’s 14, now she wants to talk about makeup and nails and what happened at school.” Does she discuss how to avoid domestic disputes with Ryan? Or maybe… discrimination? Sounds like sometimes Tamra is on the end of TMI, “They’re very open with me — maybe a little too open.”

Tamra admitted she tried to break patterns from her youth. “I was the total opposite with my parents. We didn’t talk about anything,” she said. “So I made sure with my children that they felt comfortable. I’m not gonna judge them. They’re not gonna get in trouble for telling me something that happened.” You can’t say Tamra doesn’t help her kids out, especially after they ALLEGEDLY threatened their ex online.

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Many thanks to tiny fucking dancer Tamra for sharing part of her parenting journey. As you can see, Ryan turned out great. Spencer seems to be on the road to saving humanity from his mother. We don’t see much of Sophia because she isn’t allowed to film. And Sydney might be the smartest of all for not dealing with any of this mess.


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