Emily Simpson & Tamra Judge Engage In Twitter Battle Over The Word “Obese”

Remember when people used to have private disputes? Those days are long gone, we have a new way of feuding now! Thanks, Twitter! Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge could teach a master class in the art of being disrespectful. This could be the reason why she gets along with newly-demoted Vicki Gunvalson. These two can barely remain complimentary with each other, much less anyone else.

Now, what if you’re a business owner with a disparaging personality? People investing their time and money in operating a business want success. The same holds true for Tamra and husband, Eddie Judge with their gym. Many folks not satisfied with their weight will flock to the nearest fitness center to work on shedding pounds, and raising self-confidence. When one embarks on a journey to improvement, sensitivity is often required. It can be embarrassing to admit a problem, even if you want to correct it. This might be a lesson Tamra could use going forward, when people seek her “expert” advice for help. Just ask Emily Simpson.

Yes, Tamra is in shape. We get it. Owning a gym helps. This career path has people coming to Tamra for assistance with losing weight. But, some clients are not motivated by clinical terms. The word “obese” has caused an argument between Tamra and Emily, and it went down on Twitter. Emily innocently replied to a fan who shared they did not consider Emily “obese”. Nor do I, actually. Emily has curves and looks great. Not everyone can be a tiny fucking dancer petite and slim like Tamra. When Emily responded, “Thank you” to the tweet, all hell broke loose.

Tamra chimed in with, “You are unbelievable. We try to help you and I’ve seen multiple tweet of yours that are not nice. Eddie spent over an hour with you talking health & nutrition. No one made you get on the scale! You love playing victim and it’s getting old!!!” Um, sit down, Tamra. The comment had NOTHING TO DO with her. Is it me, or does Tamra feel the need to insert herself into literally everything? Less is more, Tammy, less is more.

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Emily replied to Tamra, “I simply said ‘thank you’ to someone who said I wasn’t ‘obese’. That’s all. If you want to read more into that, that’s on you.” Yes, how unlike Tamra to become angry over literally nothing. Tammy Sue then wrote, “That’s not All you’ve said!” At this point Emily is probably regretting sharing her weight struggles with someone who is about to use it to humiliate her. Thankfully, Tamra raised Emily’s IQ by about 50 points because she blocked her. I guess being physically fit and mature is too boring.

Kelly Dodd has the Sex Train. Now Emily has the Train of Degradation. Because Tamra isn’t about to let this go. Tamra posted, “Shame on us for being honest and trying to help Emily.” Then she shared stats on BMI and body fat.

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One Tamra follower also shared statistics and agreed with Eddie. Tamra replied, “Thank you. Of course [Eddie] was right. He would never say something just to be cruel.” In all fairness to Eddie, I do not think he was being cruel. He just happened to say it in front of someone who is known to act cruel to others… After Tamra was besieged by commenters who disagreed with her, she said, “Yes so mean of us to try and help [Emily]. How about a thank you?” How does acting like this on social media benefit her as a business owner?

Emily didn’t want to be filmed getting on the scale. When questioned why it was allowed, she said, “I asked them not to do that.” Ugh, there is no winner here. Tamra made herself look worse and Emily’s weight became a trending topic on Twitter.

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While Shannon STORMS Beador had a better result from Tamra’s instruction in her weight struggle, it looks like Emily won’t see the same outcome. Tamra knows Emily has internal conflict about her size – instead of showing compassion, Tamra continues the topic after blocking Emily. Probably not how someone dedicated to the struggle of fitness should act. Especially if they own a gym.


[Photo Credit: Phillip Faraone/Bravo]