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Below Deck Star Captain Lee Rosbach Names Real Housewives Of New Jersey Star He’d Want To Work With

Below Deck has become one of the hottest franchises on Bravo. People love to watch the glamorous yacht life and the drama between the crew. Captain Lee Rosbach is somewhat of a pop culture icon at this point. Unlike Captain Sandy Yawn, Captain Lee rules his crew with an iron fish. There is no room for BS, and you need to get your work done. It takes a strong person to work under someone like him.

Before Below Deck, the ruling franchise on Bravo was The Real Housewives. Think for a second and imagine what a crossover might look like. Imagine if Captain Lee hired one of the Housewives to work on his yacht. There is no shortage of Housewives to choose from, but some may lack the work ethic required. Luckily for inquisitive fans, Captain Lee is FINALLY revealing which Housewife he’d want to work with. 

In an interview with HollywoodLife Captain Lee revealed which RHONJ has what it takes to work with him. He said, “I think Melissa might. I like her attitude.”

Melissa Gorga is usually down for anything on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, so that could be really fun. Imagine Melissa on display for all of Thailand on a superyacht?

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However, Captain Lee’s ideal position for her isn’t the glitzy spot we’d imagine for Melissa. He says, “If she can handle it, probably second stew.” Melissa answers to Teresa Giudice all the time on Housewives, so why not do the same with Kate Chastain. Sprinkle cookies for everyone!

I couldn’t imagine any of the Housewives doing the menial tasks given to second stew. Some of them have glam squads and a million nannies. How many of them would be realistically up to the task?

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If Melissa thinks she has a shot at Chief Stew, she should think twice. Why is that? Captain Lee said, “Because nobody can replace Kate.” I MEAN TRUE. Kate actually puts a lot of effort into each and every charter. Not all Chief Stews are up for that. Isn’t that right, Hannah Ferrier?

Melissa probably has some things she could offer to the guests though. Perhaps she can give them a live singing performance (please don’t). If that doesn’t work, how about some pole dancing lessons? Wait, she was never a dancer. Scratch that.

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As hilarious as it would be watching Melissa be a second stew, there’s someone else that’d be funnier. Imagine the Chanel Queen with 17 thrones Jennifer Aydin doing those tasks?

I just cannot picture Jennifer doing any kind of real-life chores like that. She complained over “roughing” it in Oklahoma. Maybe Melissa is the Jersey girl best suited for this after all. We need to see this at some point!

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A crossover between Real Housewives of New Jersey and Below Deck is not something I ever thought of. However, now that it’s been discussed, I NEED IT. Even if none of them are working on the boat, they could vacation! Teresa could table flip someone overboard. Now that would be iconic.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]