Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Some Fences Are Made To Be Broken

The Real Housewives of Orange County are in Key West, and the drama is off the charts! The Tres Amigas are likely never going to be on good terms with Kelly Dodd ever again. Kelly “made up” with Tamra Judge on last week’s episode, but how long will that really last? Vicki Gunvalson has been reaching out to a woman that Kelly allegedly attacked. OOF.

For some reason, Shannon Beador took it upon herself to tell Kelly what Vicki was doing. Gina Kirschenheiter wanted to do it first, but Fun Shannon beat her to the punch. Emily Simpson is also on the trip. She’s not really making an impact of any kind, but she’s there. Braunwyn Windham-Burke probably didn’t expect all this chaos when she planned the trip. Fun times are not allowed. Kelly and Vicki are about to go to war once again. 

Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Some Fences Are Made To Be Broken

Vicki is injured. What a shock. Once again, the biggest drama queen of all time (besides Shannon) has been hurt. OKAY, VICKI.

Kelly, of course, doesn’t believe Vicki is as hurt as she claims. Emily makes a hilarious dig about Tres Amigas being senior citizens, and I’m dying. SO FUNNY.

Braunwyn, Emily, and Kelly take a tour of the Hemingway House, and it looks beautiful. Who knew there was so much history in Key West? Very cool.

Vicki “falls” trying to walk on her crutches, and her need for attention is annoying. Someone is trying a little too hard to earn back her orange. Grow up.

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Gina and Kelly have the same bathing suit and Kelly’s oranges are loud and proud. Sorry Gina, but Kelly wins a who wore it best contest this time. There really was no competition.

Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Some Fences Are Made To Be Broken

Watching how scared Gina is of water shouldn’t entertain me as much as it does. If she is that scared, she should stop putting herself in positions like this. Going on a jet ski is probably not the place for someone with crippling water anxiety.

Honestly, watching Shannon do water sports is just as entertaining as watching Gina. Shannon doing athletics of any kind is never NOT going to be funny. Her facial reactions and body language are way too hilarious.

While in the water, Gina spots a shark, and now her life may be over. What a year. First, she was arrested, and now she’s going to get eaten by JAWS. What a way to go though! Everyone out of the water!

I know the guide says nobody has ever died from a hammerhead, but damn. If I saw a HAMMERHEAD SHARK in the water, I’d be fleeing for my life. Someone put my back on land.

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Gina is crying, and Kelly hands her a starfish for good luck. LMAO. Alright. Hey, I know a shark is coming to eat you, but here is Patrick.

Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Some Fences Are Made To Be Broken

Braunwyn tells the Tres Amigas that Kelly admitted to having an anger problem. Here she goes again. Being the bone collector. She is SUCH a flip-flop.

The women are going out to a group dinner, so things are about to heat up. There’s almost no chance of this event going off without a Kelly and Vicki showdown. Someone’s going overboard on this booze cruise!

Braunwyn has the weirdest energy. She also looks panicked and frazzled. I’m not sure if this group is the best environment for her.

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Vicki has personalized hats for everyone, and the Kelly hat says “Krazy AF”. Apparently, doing it with a “K” is not shady. However, being shady doesn’t make it not true. I think Kelly is very aware she’s crazy, and she owns it for the most part.

Emily opens up to Kelly about her children mimicking her fighting with Shane Simpson. Kids pick up on everything, so that’s not surprising. If their environment is toxic, they’ll act out.

Kelly issues a very heartfelt apology to Tamra, and they exchange “I love you”s. Unfortunately, Tamra can’t let that be it. She tries to initiate a peace treaty between Kelly and Vicki as well. LET IT GO.

How can Vicki honestly think she’s doing nothing to Kelly? She’s done so many low down dirty things to Kelly. Pretending not to be self-aware isn’t cute.

Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Some Fences Are Made To Be Broken

The ladies are back in Orange County after an intense Florida trip. Hopefully, being back home will knock some sense in them. The Tres Amigas cannot dominate this group forever. It’s a clique that needs to come to an end.

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Tamra, Shannon, and Braunwyn meet up for dinner with their significant others. They discuss Kelly and Vicki’s never-ending feud and how they always go low.

When you lay it all out there, they really are very similar. That could be the reason why they end up clashing.

They’re inviting Kelly to Vicki’s engagement party. Oh, man. I don’t know how great of an idea that is. It’s the happiest day of Vicki’s life, and you’re inviting her biggest enemy. Pot stirrers!

Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Some Fences Are Made To Be Broken

Kelly and her boyfriend Brian Reagan go to a batting cage, and he’s horrible when it comes to athletics. Kelly actually can hit the ball really well! They talk about Vicki’s engagement party, but she has no interest in going to that. I feel that. Vicki’s been horrible to her.

Kelly shuts down Brian when he asks what the next step is for them. He wants her to move in, but she doesn’t want to move in without an engagement. Fair enough. Although, we all know the real next step

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Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Some Fences Are Made To Be Broken

Gina calls her mother and talks about the status of her marriage. She needs to figure out what she’s going to do next. None of this is healthy. She wants to make the marriage work, but COME ON.

Her mother says “it’s not just sex” and says it shouldn’t be the only priority. Thank you, momma! Preach! Gina is willing to stick this marriage out for all of the wrong reasons.

Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Some Fences Are Made To Be Broken

I feel like Tamra put her sons together in the room without telling them just to get a storyline. That’s not okay at all. She’s really forcing this situation.

However, the conversation turns to Tamra’s behavior. She’s been snapping at everyone lately. She’s projecting her financial issues onto the entire family.

Spencer Barney says that Tamra doesn’t really listen to him, and told him to get over a breakup. He claims they’re all wired by everyone. So many people in the family aren’t speaking to one another. What a mess.

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Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Some Fences Are Made To Be Broken

Emily and Kelly are actually going to this anger management. I love that Emily is self-aware enough to realize she snaps too quickly. That’s such a good step.

Kelly had a better childhood than Emily, but the girl still has some issues. Although something went wrong in her life for her to get in the place she’s in now. Most people don’t react the way she does at the drop of the hat.

The therapist has them envision the people they find hardest to love. Naturally, Kelly’s top name was Vicki. She finds it hard not to punch Vicki in the face.

I mean, surely that’s a common feeling. There’s so much hurt between the two. They might not ever be able to FULLY make up.

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Emily wants everything in her life to be perfect to combat the chaos of her childhood. Stuff that happens when people are kids really sticks with them. It can be really rough.

Kelly doesn’t want to hate Vicki. I actually believe that. I think she reacts really quickly to things. However, that doesn’t mean she wants a blood feud. She’d probably prefer peace because at the end of the day nobody wants to fight forever.

Unlike Vicki, I don’t think Kelly wants this to keep blowing up. Kelly’s going to the engagement party, so evidently, she is open to peace. Instead of fighting, this could be a new beginning for the two. I guess we will find out soon.


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