Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Abs & Jabs

The Real Housewives of New Jersey are the gift that keeps on giving! Last week’s episode was such a RIDE. From Margaret Josephs dumping water on Danielle Staub, to THAT hair pull. These women are violent, and we can’t get enough. That entire final five minutes was so legendary. If you like heart racing edge of your seat drama, you were loving it.

The chaos that these ladies were causing in that store is mind boggling. Everyone was looking on like WHAT IN THE ACTUAL F**K? Where do Margaret and Danielle even go from here? They can’t be friends. There’s no way. Danielle called her trout mouth, and Margaret called Beverly Danielle a prostitute. Those are fighting words in Jersey. The women of Beverly Hills or OC could NEVER. The fallout from this is going to be pure golden entertainment. 

“I just can’t help myself” MIGHT be the scariest phrase in Housewives history now. Danielle gave zero f’s and went there. You almost have to admire her confidence.

It’s so hard to tell who really escalated this. The women were all totally trashing Danielle the entire time at the store. Plus, their husbands were recently gawking over Danielle’s sex tape. Also, Margaret did dump the water on Danielle before Danielle burned her stuff and pulled her hair. Everyone played a part in this going to the next level.


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Teresa Giudice is absolutely ridiculous for her weird loyalty to Danielle. A decade ago you were calling her a prostitution whore. What changed?

Jennifer Aydin is correct by calling Danielle a dangerous woman. Danielle should probably exit this show. I don’t think it’s good for her mental health. She is willing to do anything and everything for ratings. I mean, I do love it, but I think it’s time for her to go.

Danielle calls Marty Caffrey to fill him in, and he’s happy Teresa has her back. What a joke. Teresa defending the situation by calling herself “old school Italian” is classic Tre. That has literally nothing to do with the other thing.

Margaret and Teresa start going at it over her loyalty to Danielle. Marge openly questions their friendship, and Teresa just doesn’t get it. Margaret storms off in terms over the altercation, and Teresa chases after her. At the end of the day, she was physically assault by a deranged woman.


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Margaret issues Teresa the ultimate ultimatum. It’s either Margaret and Danielle. Teresa needs to make a choice. I don’t think Margaret will like the choice here. Teresa stopped speaking to her entire family for years on this show. Her priorities are all sorts of screwed up. Everyone gets it but Teresa. The intelligence train has clearly left the station with that one.

Back home, Teresa checks on her father who just got released from the hospital. If anything, Teresa is really good to him. Family is a huge priority for her. She just shows it in a weird way at times.

Dolores Catania stops by, so I’m sure they’re going to discuss the Danielle/Margaret issue. Hopefully, Dolores can drag some common sense out of Teresa. Good luck. Furthermore, that’s like catching a unicorn.

Teresa fills her in about the fight between her and Joe Giudice at the dress shop. Stick up for yourself. Dolores makes a great point about the prenup. She needs to make sure that Joe won’t go after HER money now. Teresa is the breadwinner now that Joe is doing nothing but living the criminal life. He could take her to the cleaners if they get divorced.

Teresa not knowing the details of the prenup made me do the biggest eye roll ever. I CANNNNNNNT. Does this woman know anything? Wah.


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Margaret has whiplash. I may find this hard to believe. She might be milking this a little bit. I love her, but come on this is slightly dramatic. Surely, it wasn’t that intense.

Teresa doesn’t care at all about Margaret’s ultimatum. She makes so many excuses for Danielle. If you don’t want to choose between your two friends, you can at least keep them away from each other. It shouldn’t be that hard. However, she’s entirely disregarding Margaret’s feelings about the issue.

Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga don’t get why Teresa keeps Danielle around. Welcome to the club. Nobody does. It makes no sense. Maybe Danielle has something on Teresa. What else could be keeping the two of them in contact with one another?

Jackie Goldschneider wants her kids to know more about better nutrition habits. This is all stemming from her father’s severely gross comments about her past weight struggles. What a disgusting thing to say to your child. She’s doing a really great job teaching them. She’s super boring on the show, but at least she’s a great mom.


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Joe and Teresa are going pool furniture shopping. Basically, this is a great opportunity to get through her head about Danielle. Cut the cord. Let the monster go back into the darkness.

Never mind. Teresa is making excuses for Danielle again. Despite Joe laying out a million examples about how toxic Danielle is, it doesn’t matter. She is waiting for Danielle to attack her first before cutting ties. WHAT KIND OF MENTALITY IS THAT?

Someone needs to get back to the yoga and find her happy place. Teresa is in need for some clarity and enlightenment. Danielle could probably throw a box of kittens off a bridge, and Teresa would be like, “well Old School Italians”. After all Danielle has done, Teresa still doesn’t get it.

Melissa looks particularly pumped for her fashion show. Even more so than usual. However, I like her and all, but she’s such a snooze in her solo stuff. It all feels so contrived.


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Joe doesn’t think he was mean at all to Teresa on the phone. Joe takes no accountability to anything ever. He blames Teresa for everything. It’s actually quite disgusting to watch.

If this is anything like the past Jersey fashion shows, there’s going to be lots of tension. Fashion and the Garden State don’t mix evidently. By and large, they all end in disaster.

Jennifer’s having some anxiety about expressing her feelings to her leader Teresa. Unlike the others, she’d never go fully against Teresa. She wants to be her friend so badly. She’s just another one of Teresa’s soldiers.

WTF is Margaret wearing to this fashion show? I don’t even know how to begin to describe it. However, she’s going all in about Teresa at this event. She just referred to Teresa as an embarrassment. I THINK TERESA IS GOING TO FINALLY DESTROY HER. RIP MARGARET JOSEPHS.


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Without doubt I think Teresa is heading into this fashion show looking for a fight. We are obviously getting some classic Tre drama and craziness tonight. I hate that it’s at the expense of Margaret in her multicolored fur ensemble though.

Dolores fills in Melissa about the budding tension between Teresa and Margaret. Melissa seems kind of pissed about it. Is there room in Jersey for anything besides Teresa’s inflated ego? After that Teresa says she doesn’t go up to people, people go up to her.

Jennifer tries to defend Margaret and the water pouring, but all of the sudden Teresa does the unthinkable. She pours her own water on Jennifer to prove a point. Who acts like that? That’s not appropriate at all, and the circumstances are not the same.


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Obviously Jennifer is a sane human being, so she didn’t attack Teresa the way Danielle did to Margaret. Normal people can keep their hands to themselves. Teresa is so blind. Especially when it comes to Danielle. There might be no hope for her.

Melissa’s fashion show was alright. The biggest highlight was Joe finally dropping his caveman mentality and recognizing Melissa’s hard work. It’s about damn time.

Margaret quickly exits to avoid being in the same room as Teresa. Hopefully this is building to a really dramatic blowout. With the way Teresa’s acting, I wouldn’t want to be Margaret when this eventually reaches a head.


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