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Shep Rose Responds To Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright Calling Him An Annoying Wedding Guest

Southern Charm’s Shep Rose is someone who lives life on his own terms. Shep generally does and says whatever he pleases, which sometimes can get him into trouble. Last year, he made fun of a homeless woman in an Instagram post, resulting in him apologizing and shutting down his Twitter account for a time. Shep has also had dust-ups with co-stars, including Craig Conover and Madison LeCroy, and even got into a Twitter feud with The Rock.

Vanderpump Rules stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright called out Shep on Watch What Happens Live last week for his behavior at their wedding. When asked which one of their guests’ behavior was the most annoying at their summer nuptials, the couple bestowed the honor on Shep. He had posted pictures of their wedding online, including Brittany walking down the aisle. Understandably, neither Jax nor Brittany were happy about it.  As usual, Shep had something to say about the matter and took to social media to defend himself.

In a recent Twitter post, Shep stated, “I love @mrjaxtaylor and @BNCartwright and i think/hope the feeling is mutual. They could have been more communicative about what their guest’s social media restrictions were. But it was such a fun wedding. I was honored to be there. Maybe in the year 2050 they can come to mine.”

So, Shep is attributing his wedding behavior to Jax and Brittany’s communication error. You can blame the couple for many things, but Shep’s behavior is not one of them. Common sense would tell you that you probably shouldn’t post wedding photos before the bride and groom do, but this is Shep we are talking about.


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As Shep loves to poke the bear on social media, he later shared a photo of different friends getting married, which he captioned with, “I know this is super risky. But these are my friends who are getting married. and I’m happy for them.” Considering how Shep can respond to anyone questioning his behavior, this is pretty mild stuff.

In the Twitter universe, if you put something out there, you have to expect that someone will clap back. In response to the picture of his friends, a Twitter user called Shep out for posting the photo, believing it was a dig at Jax and Brittany.


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Never one to back down, Shep was ready with a response. He declared, “Yeah. They’re all broken up about it. I made a tearful apology. And then retreated to my “safe place” then they apologized. Then i re-apologized. Now we’re even better friends. What a roller coaster!”

You have to wonder why Shep still bothers to engage on Twitter, as his outspokenness and anger have gotten him into trouble in the past. Does he have too much time on his hands? Is he waiting for the new season of Southern Charm to start filming? Or does he just want to have the last word? Most likely, a mix of all three.


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