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Stassi Schroeder Was Trying To Get Pregnant Before Engagement To Beau Clark

Vanderpump Rules former queen bee Stassi Schroeder has come a long way from the friend punching, drink throwing, temper tantrum having girl we first met during Season 1 of the show.

While the cast have started marrying off, Stassi was ready to trade in the wine bottle for the baby bottle prior to her engagement. Can we say Mommie Dearest?

Stassi has not been the luckiest in love. From Jax Taylor, to Frank Herlihy and Patrick Meagher it appeared as though she was looking for only one quality in a man.  That he would be a jackass.

Then came Beau Clark who was a breath of fresh air.  A man who could handle Stassi’s dark passenger and her group of friends. I’m not sure which is worse to be around. And as her friends started marrying each other, one was left to wonder when it would be Stassi’s turn.


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While we know how that turned out, the two are happily engaged, what may come as a surprise is that prior to their engagement, Stassi was trying to get pregnant.

According to an article in US WeeklyStassi admitted the couple were trying for a baby last summer. “Listen, if he’s not going to propose, I’m going to take matters into my own hands,” she stated.  “I was seriously hoping to be pregnant because that is so much more important to me than even getting married.”


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After the engagement, Stassi decided to hold off on the baby-making plans because of her wedding dress and the desire to “get s**t – faced” at her wedding.  While two of her friends, Katie Maloney-Schwartz and Brittany Cartwright are both married, neither has become pregnant.   Although no one hopes that happens more than Stassi. “I am so ready for one of my friends to have a damn baby,” she said, “Katie is too scared to be the first.  Brittany wants to, so I’m like “‘Well, keep at it.'”


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I wonder if any of them know they can schedule their pregnancies independent of the others?Who are we kidding?  They’re probably all in sync and will soon push matching baby strollers down the street.

During the summer Stassi further explained her desire to have a child prior to marriage. “I feel like I’m in a place in my life where I make my own decisions and forge my own path,” she explained, “I know I want to be a mom, so I would rather get knocked up before I waited to have a wedding.”


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Stassi also explained how those feelings should be empowering to other women. “It’s powerful to let women know, if that’s something that you want, you don’t have to wait to get married.  You’re in charge of your own body and what you want in your own life.” So it sounds as though we won’t have too long to wait for a mini Stassi to make an appearance.


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