Life After Lockup Recap: Con-Fessions

Last week’s episode of Life After Lockup was so explosive, and this one just might top that. Michael Simmons is finally making an effort to see his kids, but Sarah Simmons isn’t having it. She’s freaking out at the fact that he brought a woman on the trip with him. She thinks it might be Megan J, but this love triangle just became a quartet. Michael has so many women in his life, it gets a little hard to keep up. I’ve never seen someone fall “in love” with so many people in my life.

On the other side of the country things are getting serious in Brittany Santiago’s world. She’s trying to locate the children she gave up for adoption. It’s a daunting task, but she seems up to it. Marcelino Santiago however, doesn’t seem all that into the idea. To add icing on top of an already stacked episode, Lacey and her merry men are back. John is out of jail, and Shane has a secret. Oh boy, this should be oh so good. She is a master chess player it seems.

Andrea & Lamar

Andrea Edwards Life After Lockup

Andrea Edwards is so awkward. Period. She and Lamar Jackson have little to no chemistry and different outlooks on life. Why are they even trying to make this work?

Kudos to them for attempting, but it’s seemingly a lost cause. This is a husband and wife with no connection. That’ll happen when you live in a separate state from your spouse. Andrea feels like the more freedom Lamar gets, the more he changes.

Being second place sucks, but so does trying to force your husband into a religion he doesn’t want. It also sucks hijacking his personal belongings and identification, but you did that. The world just sucks. Doesn’t it Andrea?


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They can’t figure out where they should live as a couple. He wants LA, and she wants Utah. Those are two drastically different choices. Andrea takes things to another level by saying they can file for divorce. That’s a big word.

I actually think that Lamar even going to Utah in the first place is a huge step. After everything she’s pulled in the past, it could be argued she doesn’t deserve it.

Angela & Tony

Tony Life After Lockup

I love that Angela sat outside the house and spied on Tony all night. He needs that. He need more than that if we’re being honest. He’s pulled so much s**t on her, so you can’t really blame her.

Tony admits he has an addiction and cheating is a big problem in his past relationship. We gathered that. The prostitutes gave it away. Tony’s been so dirty to Angela. I really wish she’d cut him loose, and maybe give her friend Thirsty Tommy a chance.


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Angela brings Tony to church to get some spiritual guidance. The house of the Lord is not at all where I’d expect these two to work through their issues. How is there any trust between them? Tony opens up about his traumatic childhood and having to be removed from an abusive situation.

His chaotic upbringing is a possible explanation for his actions. Tony gets really emotional discussing it, and for the first time his feelings for Angela rose to the surface. I’ve waited so long to see if he was in it for the right reasons. We’re getting there.

Lacey, Shane, & John

Lacey Life After Lockup

John looks healthy despite his recent struggles with the law and drugs. Lacey and Shane getting married proved to be too much of a trigger for him, and it led to his arrest. He was drinking too much and got pulled over, and it was downhill from there.

John’s sister tries to get through to him about opening his eyes to Lacey’s manipulation. He wants to get back with her and marry her. Well first she needs to divorce her husband dude. Let’s not jump the gun so fast.

Shane is finally employed, so there’s one less thing for he and Lacey to argue about. The two of them go skating and have a great time, but Shane has a megawatt secret.


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He cheated on Lacey before they got married. It’s now or never. The truth shall set you free. Actually, in this case, it might set Lacey off and get Shane punched in the face.

Shane tells her about cheating on her so casually. This actually comes off very untrue and Lacey’s reaction doesn’t feel genuine at all. It looked more like a scripted moment to keep a storyline for themselves. If it is true, Karma is a bitch I guess. She played two men at once, and now

Marcelino & Brittany

Marcelino Santiago Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

Brittany’s backstory really breaks my heart. I hope she is able to located the children she gave up for adoption. The process could take a very long time, and she might yield no results. Apparently, the father of her children made an effort to reconnect with his children. Basically, the father is a pedophile who slept with an underage Brittany. WHY WOULD THEY LET HIM HAVE ACCESS TO THESE KIDS? Those poor children are being greatly let down by the system. These adults need to protect them. Just wow.


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Brittany is trying to locate the father of the two children, but that’s a sketchy idea. He’s just not a good guy. She learns that he’s currently in prison and eligible for parole the following month. Things are getting real because she might be face to face with this monster soon. Everything about what Brittany has gone through in her life is just so upsetting to hear. She was let down by so many people who should’ve been looking out for her.

Sarah, Michael, & Megan

Michael Simmons Life After Lockup

Sarah almost has an entirely different voice and accent when she speaks to Michael. She sounds like a whole new person. I don’t fault her for being cautious about Michael being around the girls. However, she seems like a crazy person accusing him of having alcohol on his breath.

Literally, WHEN would he have had a chance to drink. You’ve been around him the entire time he’s been there. Sarah, honey, please move on. I do understand she’s upset, but she’s not handling it well at all. Screaming and slamming doors isn’t going to solve anything.


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Sarah is coming across jealous right now. She’s claiming that it’s all about the kids, but this is jealous ex behavior. I can’t even process Sarah’s meltdown. It just made me so uncomfortable watching. It was a raw and real moment captured on camera, but the kids need to come first. That’s it. Period. Everyone in this love triangle has some serious growing up to do.

One thing I don’t care for is Michael’s flavor of the month Maria chiming in here. How does she have a voice in this custody drama at all? You’ve been here for a hot minute. Pipe the f**k down. Maria teases that there’s a Plan B that involves giving Sarah a visit. There’s a 99% chance that ends in someone getting punched in the face.


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