Tom Sandoval Says It’s “Frustrating” To See Lala Kent “Say Mean Nasty Things” About Ariana Madix & Then Claim “This Is A Safe Place” To Ariana’s Face

Let’s travel back in time to when Lala Kent first joined Vanderpump Rules. Aside from lying about a “modeling” job on a yacht out of the country and her weird flirtation with James Kennedy, those early seasons were marked by Lala being a total outcast. No one wanted her in the group or made an effort to be kind to her- except for Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval.

Lala paralleled Lindsay Lohan’s character in Mean Girls, when she was finally accepted by the “cool” clique thanks to her private jet access, she joined in when they bashed Ariana for being a “wet blanket” when she was actually suffering from severe depression. Ariana even admitted that she wanted to “leave her life.” Additionally, Lala sat there silently when Jax Taylor bashed Ariana for being bisexual even though Lala says she is bisexual as well. And she “ate Ariana’s cookie,” which are her words, not mine. Lala really is a member of the the real life plastics, isn’t she? Now, Sandoval is speaking out.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Sandoval admitted, “Obviously it kills me to see Ariana so hurt and feel so vulnerable.”

Tom continued, “Obviously I’m here for her and, in that group, she doesn’t have a safe space. It’s frustrating to see somebody like Lala, who’s like one second totally OK with people saying mean nasty things about Ariana that are completely not true and talking negatively about her and then sort of getting emotional and saying like, ‘This is a safe place.’ It’s like, girl you are not — you are apparently not a safe place.'” For sure. That is far from a safe place. I’m just hoping Lala apologized after seeing these recent episodes. I doubt it, but I hope she did.


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I’m just hoping the editing was off on this one. Maybe Lala actually did defend Ariana when Jax bashed her bisexuality- again. Maybe Lala did defend Ariana when the others talked poorly about her struggles to stay afloat. I highly doubt it though. Let’s be honest: Lala is happy to be with the queen bees on the show.

In that same interview, Tom Schwartz said Ariana has “always been kinda wary as the gang in general.” Duh. They’re so unbelievably cliquey. Who wouldn’t be uncomfortable being a little different around those people?


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Schwartz continued, “She loves us individually without a doubt. We all have great relationships with Ariana. But I feel like as a group, as a whole, I feel like she’s been — wary’s probably too strong of a word, but she has mixed feelings about the group as a whole.” Again, because they’re very exclusionary and mock her struggles. Who could blame Ariana?


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