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Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Season 10 Reunion Part 2

Buckle up for the second part of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. On part one, Jennifer Aydin stole the show. She made the entire event revolve around herself. She found a way to insert herself into any and all conversations possible. Teresa Giudice has finally opened up about the issues in her marriage, so hopefully we learn more. There’s a lot more to that mess of a relationship than we are hearing.

Melissa Gorga, Margaret Josephs, and  Jackie Goldschneider are all sick of Jennifer at this point. Expect more fireworks to go off during part two. She has bad blood with all three women and is on the warpath at this reunion. The biggest question mark in the episode is Danielle Staub. What impact is she going to have? What will her final act as a cast member of this show be? We won’t have to wait too long to find out.

Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Season 10 Reunion Part 2

Melissa and Jennifer continue to call each other f**cking assholes. That’s not childish at all. Teresa says that Melissa is big girl and can fight her own battles. These two can pretend to be a loving family all they want, but I don’t buy it. Too much went down with them for the past to get buried so easily.

Jennifer actually apologizes for throwing the knife at Melissa. Kind of. She doesn’t seem sincere. They all agree to not throw anything at each other, so baby steps! This group has such a hot temper as a collective though. We’ll see how long it takes for someone to break that agreement.

Teresa discusses the SuperBowl commercial with Caroline Manzo. She did it only for the money. Major shocker. NOT. She has no intention of ever being friends with her again. Apparently, they had a heated phone call about how Caroline sided with Melissa and Kathy Wakile in the past. HOW LONG AGO WAS THAT? Make like Elsa, and let it go.

Also, Teresa was extremely shady in those seasons, so she caused her own friendship demise. Sometimes it feels like Teresa is living in a totally alternate reality. Dolores Catania defends Caroline and tells Teresa there’s no way Caroline was the rat. Did anyone need to be the rat to send Joe Giudice and Teresa to jail? They were sketchy on camera for many years, so it’s not surprising.

After so many years of defending Joe, it’s still weird to see Teresa talk negatively about him. Finally acknowledging the truth about his actions was a little jarring. She appeared to be in denial for so many years. It’s so refreshing to see her owning her past.

All of the women think Joe wanted to put Teresa down so she wouldn’t leave. I think Joe didn’t realize how different this version of Teresa is. She is not the same women he left all those years ago. She is standing on her own two feet now, and she doesn’t need him.

Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Season 10 Reunion Part 2

Teresa claims that Joe acted nicer to her off camera, but Melissa refutes that. She says she can do a lot better, and it’s obvious everyone agrees. I can’t see someone like Joe being super innocent and sweet when the cameras are down. He is who he is. All the cameras did was magnify and highlight the negative traits that likely already existed.

The topic turns to all of the cheating rumors about Teresa. I do feel like Margaret knew exactly what she was doing every time she brought it up. It was designed to embarrass Teresa and stir up trouble. Margaret is calculated with what she does, so why is she playing dumb?

Joe’s brother told Gia about all of the cheating rumors which is so wild. Why would you purposely hurt your niece in that way? What good is going to come from that?

Jackie says she had just seen the bullying video before she made comments about it. She apologizes to Teresa and said she was talking about something she knew nothing about. They’ve come such a long way.

Teresa denies ever hooking up with the pool guy or any guy at all. There were A LOT OF RUMORS. It sounds like she might be lying. We’ll never learn the truth though. She also wants a nice Jewish guy next. She needs someone sweet and loving. Anything is better than what she had with Joe. The way her speaks to her is just so degrading, and nobody deserves that.

Teresa also drops a bomb that she’d like to have another baby. A boy this time. Don’t worry though, Jennifer stands firmly behind Teresa with this. She thinks Melissa is faking it, but she is full speed ahead for Tre. However, in her defense Teresa did seem a lot more sincere than Melissa about it.

Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Season 10 Reunion Part 2

The husbands are joining the fray! Frank Catania has a woman in his life, and she is only 30. Our dreams of Frank and Dolo of ever getting back together have been dash. For now at least. Also, poor Evan Goldschneider and the lack of oral sex in his life. He was hoping the peer pressure from everyone would make Jackie change her mind. No such luck.

I still can’t get over the men bonking Bill Aydin’s head of the side of the car. I’m glad he’s okay after all of what he drank that day. Good to see him!

Watching the Danielle sex tape was highly inappropriate just because of the mocking manner. Also, ew why? Who wants to watch that? NOT ME EVER.

Jennifer comes at Joe Gorga for his statements about Bill needing to bang her more often. She uses his three viable sperm against him. She says she’s getting it while Joe is shooting blanks. That is such a brutal shot to Joe. Total fatality. That’s the top insult to someone who brags about sex and being Tarzan the way Joe does.

SO MUCH SEX TALK ON THIS REUNION. The biggest takeaway was probably how much chemistry Frank and Dolores have. It’s a shame she doesn’t ever want to take him back. I bet he’d be down for that in a heartbeat.

DANIELLE IS IN THE BUILDING. I REPEAT, DANIELLE IS IN THE BUILDING. S**T IS ABOUT TO GET REAL. I cannot wait to see what her final act on this show is. I bet it’s something very dramatic and highly iconic.

Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Season 10 Reunion Part 2

Before Danielle joins the women, we have to dissect the drama between Jackie and Jennifer. There was a lot of bad blood between these two this season. As far as the video goes, I don’t think Jennifer was trying to bully Jackie in that video. Jennifer says Jackie is very boring and vanilla. She has a point there. Jackie totally faded into the background by the end of the season. Jackie does have a lack of personality in comparison with the other women.

Jennifer throws Teresa under the bus saying she wanted to post the video not her. Teresa did not care one bit that Jackie might be upset by it. I think the video was rude, but to label it bullying is going a little far. Jackie is not a helpless victim. She says and does things to shade these women as well. None of them are above the others.

The party was such a firestorm of controversy, and I still don’t get why. Why does it matter so much to Jennifer what Jackie does for her children’s birthdays? It’s really not her business. Jennifer can go as lavish as she wants, and Jackie can go as low key as she wants. There are children out there who have NOTHING AT ALL.

Dolores tries to give some input on the situation, but Jennifer won’t let anyone speak. For two parts now, she’s interjected herself into nearly every conversation that’s taken place. All of the women are getting fed up with it too. People would like the opportunity to speak, but Jennifer makes it nearly impossible.

Jennifer says she grew up feeling less than and her parents never spent their money. She uses her past to justify her current actions. Jackie tries to talk once again, but Jennifer will not let her speak. She doesn’t even think having wild parties make spoiled kids, but Jennifer doesn’t want to hear her out. LET THE WOMAN SPEAK. I find Jackie so boring, but I’d like to hear what she has to say.

Margaret calling Jennifer a thirsty turtle is so hilarious. I want a shirt that says thirsty turtle on it. Jackie doesn’t want a friendship with Jennifer and doesn’t want to be around her. You can’t really blame Jackie for that. Jennifer is always down you throat and looking for a problem. Screw that.

Danielle is getting ready in the back, and she is NOT excited. She is demanding to be seated next to Andy Cohen. We’ve all seen the photos of her in that ugly chair, so her wish gets DENIED.


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