Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: When In Greece…

The writing has been on the wall since Kenya Moore‘s first instagram post announcing her impromptu marriage to Marc Daly, but they made it official last night when Real Housewives Of Atlanta reported on their split.

Following the he-man, woman-hater benefit Marc hosted where he took advantage of Kenya’s entire Atlanta social network (and used her as unpaid intern), then publicly insulted his wife, before demanding Real Housewives Of Atlanta cameras stop filming him, Kenya tried to flee in an Uber. But Marc makes all the rules for what ‘Ken’ can do and what Ken can’t do is move unless Marc says move.

According to Kenya, Marc jumped into her uber and they proceeded to get in a screaming fight. Marc was so enraged and out of control the Uber driver kicked him out and Kenya banned him from returning to her home. As a domestic violence survivor, Kenya is all too aware of how these situations go and she absolutely made the right choice in creating distance between them when Marc was so angry

Eva Marcille Real Housewives Of Atlanta

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The next morning instead of Marc begging her for forgiveness, Kenya awoke to a call from her publicist informing her that Marc was releasing a statement announcing their divorce. Which forced Kenya on the defensive in putting out her own reactive statement. The other ladies are shocked by the news. Well, not shocked per se, as anyone with ears, eyes, a nose, at least 1/3 of a brain and a sometimes pulse could see that Kenya and Marc’s marriage was doomed. It was a zombie marriage to say the least.

Kandi Burruss Cynthia Bailey Real Housewives Of Atlanta

The following day Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey pay a trip to Moore Manor to check in on Queen Twirl, who has not left the confines of her white walled inlet since the blogs started reporting on her marriage demise. An emotional Kenya squeezes out at least a few tears. She musters up some plaintive sounding wails (Greek cats catching the scent of raw octopus). Kenya again opens up about Marc’s temper, and also shares her suspicions that he was cheating with a woman in NY, whom he had a prior sexual relationship with.

Kenya found suspicious and inappropriate text messages shortly after their wedding. A woman was “begging him” (Kenya’s words) for sex.

Marc swore he was no longer intimate with this woman after Kenya called and threaten her. But, shouldn’t Marc have called this off once he got serious with the future Mrs. Daly instead of waiting until they had tied the knot on a secluded beach? Despite all this, Kenya claims she still doesn’t want a divorce!

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Kenya Moore Real Housewives Of Atlanta

With all the drama, Kenya is contemplating skipping the trip to Greece. Knowing her paycheck is on the line, Kandi and Cynthia convince her to reconsider. Of course, Kenya is right to not trust NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton. The second they learn the news they cackle about the gossip. Marlo even gets right on the phone to Kandi prying for information. They’re about as sincere in their concern as a 1,000 bill with President Donald E. Duck on the front of it.

The next day all the women meet at the airport for Greece. Kandi warns Marlo and NeNe to back off Kenya, but NeNe feels Kenya deserves to have everyone pry after she did Tanya Sam dirty by bringing burnt cookie lady to accuse Paul Judge of cheating. I kinda am inclined to agree, although it’s clear now that Kenya was certainly projecting. She owes Tanya an apology. However, the chances of that happening are as likely as Nene’s face winding up on a $1,000 bill that’s not a counterfeit.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Kandi Burruss Porsha Williams Cynthia Bailey

Now not that I think Kenya deserves Marc’s horrible (re: emotionally abusive) treatment, but when has Kenya ever been compassionate or sensitive to anyone’s marital or relationship issues? Who remembers how atrocious she treated Kim Fields over her marriage. And not to defend NeNe, well ever, but she is right: KARMA. Karma is twirling all over you!


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Marlo Hampton Nene Leakes Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Of course, the true shock is that Kenya doesn’t show up at the airport! They’re all forced to leave without her. She doesn’t even bother to call her very good friends Kandi or Cynthia to let them know what’s up.

Then once they arrive in Greece, they’re sitting on the bus to their villa and out the window Porsha Williams and Kandi spot Kenya! Ta-dah! She was this close to bailing on the trip. However, producers gave her a Come To Jesus talk about how she needs this job being a single mom and all. So, Kenya hightailed it to the airport toting along Brooklyn and the nanny with her. She was not alone: Porsha also brought PJ, who she really wants to expose to the international lifestyle starting at the tender age of 6 months where PJ will really really be able to absorb all Greece has to offer for the trip of a lifetime. Porsha’s mom is also along as the bonafide babysitter. All the babies and their keepers will be quarantined in a hotel, safely stowed away from the drama at the villa. Thankfully!

Porsha Williams Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kenya may be down, but she is never out. As soon as they arrive at the gorgeous villa she leads the ladies in a shady Bedroom Olympics game in which they have to compete for the best rooms. The whole thing is ridiculous.

Tanya is so desperate not to end up in the windowless room she eats raw octopus. But, then she winds up losing her advantage after Porsha jumps into the pool to secure a wild card bonus that allows her to steal a room from anyone.


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She doesn’t want to be stuck next to NeNe in the 3rd best room after the master suites, which belong to Kandi and Kenya, so Porsha swipes her BFF Tanya’s. Ergo Tanya ends up in the jail cell bedroom anyway. The only room which doesn’t look out over the sea. Man, Tanya really founders on this show and almost never gets anything entirely right. But, she decides not to let it interfere with her desire to have a good trip. I like Tanya a lot, but I think she’s way too classy for this mess and therefore reads as boring.

That evening’s plan is a nice dinner at the house. With Cynthia having to do the dishes in exchange for securing the extra-special close proximity to NeNe room. How amazing that in just 2 episodes or less, Cynthia and NeNe have gone from barely speaking to BFF again. Cynthia pays NeNe a visit to ask her if she will please, please offer up some of her wisdom about marriage as supportive words to Kenya. OK, major side-eye here. Like my eye balls are stuck sideways! NENE, the woman who made Gregg’s cancer all about herself and how hard it was for her to be a good wife, is supposed to be offering marital advice and encouragement to Kenya?! There is more valuable advice to be found in a Hallmark movie. Or an episode of Love Is Blind.

Of course, NeNe, who hates Kenya, and was just moments before crowing about how she deserved to have her marriage fall apart, is more than willing to lord her expertise over Kenya like a too big wig.


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Kenya is dreading dinner. Other than Kandi and Cynthia, she doesn’t trust any of these women. She knows they certainly just want all the dirty details. She’s right! Things go OK until near the end of the meal.  NeNe offers some vague condolences or something. Then,  Kenya thanks each and every woman at the table for her support and kindness – even Tanya. Then, she completely skips over NeNe. Giving a little teaser to the women about her emotional state – to bilk that divorce sympathy! – Kenya cries about how hard it all is, but that she has to do what’s right for her daughter.

Cynthia Bailey Kenya Moore Kandi Burruss Real Housewives Of Atlanta

As the women prepare to leave the table Cynthia proposes that Kenya and NeNe stay behind to talk. Kenya says “No” as she gets up and walks out of the room. Kenya’s back is barely turned before NeNe, supported by Marlo, starts ranting about how Kenya is being a bitch. NeNe is obviously furious about being excluded in Kenya’s little speech. She’s even more furious that her phony kindness was rebuffed.


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Nene Leakes Marlo Hampton Real Housewives Of Atlanta

In the kitchen, Kandi warns Kenya that she’s not handling Storm NeNe appropriately. It’s about to turn into a hurricane.

Tanya suggests that she just explain to NeNe that after such a lovely night, she just didn’t feel like having a heavy emotional discussion, but that it had nothing to do with NeNe personally. I love Kenya feigning innocence that she had no idea what upset NeNe…. Kenya, in a moment of clarity, decides she’ll take NeNe a plate of baklava as a peace offering. By the time she walks the dessert plate out, it’s too late. NeNe is on a tirade and that wig has lifted straight off her skull!

Kandi attempts to intervene, but NeNe will not hear it. She is livid at being rejected and her door is once and for all officially CLOSED, locked, and the key thrown out, and if Kenya tries to even so much as knock NeNe will rip her apart like she’s an RHOA cameraman trying to film in her closet. Kandi is left speechless. NeNe storms off to bed ranting that Kenya is ungrateful and single. It seems to me that Nene could offer a modicum of compassion for what Kenya is going through. Maybe Kenya was on a calculated crusade to make NeNe feel bad. Or maybe she was just reeling from her marriage imploding.  Still, NeNe could be the bigger person. And for once not use that status to intimidate others!


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Kenya Moore Real Housewives Of Atlanta

In the wake of this, Kenya just calmly eats her baklava. She is vindicated in her decision not to confide in these women or trust them. But, of course, the trip is ruined now. NeNe will do everything in her power to destroy everyone’s good time.

It is ironic that just days after Kenya was mocking Tanya’s relationship it emerges that Marc is filing for divorce after a cheating scandal. Do we think Kenya’s marriage was ever real, or like NeNe alleges, all for show?


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