Life After Lockup Recap: Who’s Cheating On Who?

Life After Lockup is almost over, and things are getting so spicy. Somehow Lacey is still successfully playing two men and leaving both pining after her. She is great at what she does. I’ll leave it at that. Also, how crazy is it that Angela is still marrying Tony? It’s a little shocking that she hasn’t kicked him to the curb, He is a USER who will NEVER change. Angela would be wall advice to do that rather quickly at this point.

The one storyline that still shocks me every week is the Michael Simmons and Sarah Simmons  drama. There is so much at stake, and neither of them wants to fully accommodate the others. That’s no tall task! Them having sex is going to be such a game-changer. Well, we’ll see I suppose. The other crazy story right now is Tracie Wagaman refusal to seek help for her ongoing addiction. It would be nice if she fixed herself, but she seems determined to remain a mess.

Angela & Tony

Angela Life After Lockup

I still can’t believe Angela is actually marrying Tony. They’re only two days away from the big day, and I’m so sad for her. How could she let this con artist totally manipulate her like this? I’m so disappointed.

Angela was doing so well for a minute at moving on. How could she let this toxic man back into her orbit? Tony blindsides Angela by revealing he plans to has a prison buddy be his best man. Honestly, I expect nothing less from someone like Tony.

This isn’t surprising in the slightest. She’s nervous he’ll end up going back to jail before the wedding. That feels a little extreme. However, this guy was in prison for selling drugs, and Tony is an addict. It’s the perfect recipe for disaster on Angela’s big day.

His friend is ready to turn up and party so hard before the wedding. HOW WEIRD IS IT THAT TOMMY IS AT THE BACHELOR PARTY? HE LITERALLY PROPOSED TO ANGELA WHILE SHE WAS DATING TONY. What a time to be alive. It doesn’t take long for Tony to bring it up and stake his claim on Angela.


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Tommy doubles down on his feeling against Tony saying they’ll be divorced within two years. I wouldn’t even give them that much time. This is a couple doomed from the start. Tommy says he is trying to stop the marriage. Tommy is our hero. A true American treasure. He must be protected at all costs.

ANGELIA IS CRASHING THE PARTY. She is everything sometimes. She’s so extra. I don’t think she is in her right mind, but I love how intense she gets. I can’t believe she actually showed up to the club and scared away the strippers. She can’t believe he would do that to her. She’s so mad that she’s considering now even calling off the wedding.


Clint & Tracie

Tracie Love After Lockup

Tracie is STILL missing. Well, she was. She has locked herself inside of their home. Clint Brady finally gets inside, and Tracie is off her rocker. You can tell that she’s on a lot of drugs right now. She looks awful. She’s been extremely cruel to Clint.

Tracie has no idea why Clint would be with her if she’s so horrible. They’re both crazy if we are being honest. He punches himself in the head multiple times.


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Clint’s mom really wants him to stop talking to Tracie. It’s not horrible advice. She doesn’t want to be helped. The conversation isn’t going anywhere. Tracie looks determined to do drugs and never get help. Nothing Clint can say or do at this point is going to help. It comes out that Tracie had an abortion.

really hate to say this, but I’m not super upset to hear this. The last thing this clusterf**k couple needs is a child in the mix. They blame each other for the abortion, and it started her downward spiral. A flip switches out of nowhere in her head, and she agrees to enter rehab. FINALLY. I wish nothing but the best for her. I truly hope she gets the help that she needs.


Lacey, Shane, & John

Lacey John Life After Lockup

IT IS SO CRAZY THAT LACEY AND JOHN ARE BACK TOGETHER. That’s definitely what it looks like at least. She hasn’t officially called it quits with Shane for some reason. What’s taking so long? John calls her out for trying to keep it going with both men. At least he’s somewhat aware of himself and of the situation.

John wants Shane thrown out of the house, and she erupts into tears. What is she expecting? There’s no reason for John to want Lacey to keep shacking up with another man.


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Lacey gets home and starts dumping his stuff and asks Shane to leave. He wonders what could have led to her sudden attitude change. He’s just as confused as everyone else. Nobody can understand why Lacey is so determined to play these men like fiddles.

Marcelino & Brittany

Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

Brittany Santiago meets up with her ex-girlfriend Amanda which won’t make things better with Marcelino. If anything, it’ll make the issues between them much worst. At least Marcelino Santiago is being honest finally about what he’s been doing. Coming clean is the best way to begin to fix things between them.

I feel so much for Brittany with this. She’s so afraid things will be the same with Marcelino as they were with her father growing up. He had a big gambling problem, and she doesn’t want that for her kids. Brittany is someone who is so likable, so I hope she gets her life back on track. There’s so much chaos in her world right now. All she needs is stability.


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The biggest issue going on right now is Marcelino’s pride. His need to act like the alpha male provider is causing the problems in their marriage. He really needs to cut it out. Overall, I’m positive these two will get stronger again. They’re the most solid husband and wife on this show.

Sarah, Michael, & Megan

michael Simmons life after lockup

Maria needs to slow her roll. She has way too big of an ego for someone dating MICHAEL of all people. Michael thinks Sarah showed up to the hotel just to stir up some drama. I think she’s right. Sarah has shown her truly colors in a big way over the last few episodes. Also, what is her weird accent she gets when she’s around Michael. She has an entirely different voice when she’s nowhere near him. Everyone in this situation is awful. I miss Megan J. She’s so much better than Maria.

Everyone is escalating this confrontation and making everything so much worse. Maria wants to throw hands with Sarah, and Sarah is smiling like a dirty hyena. The worst of it though is Michael. He’s about to put his hands on the hotel staff for telling him to shut up!


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In a turn of events, Michael chooses to leave with Maria. Wrong choice. That woman is no better than he is. She’s going to take him down with her. I don’t think Michael would’ve been so intense about it all if people weren’t touching him. He wanted to be left alone. Why couldn’t everyone oblige that for a minute or two?


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