Life After Lockup Recap: Risky Business

The heat on Life After Lockup has been cranked up to an all time high this season. Tracie Wagaman is in legal trouble once again, and Clint Brady is devastated. As hard has she tries, she can’t get her act together. I’m not sure how much longer Clint can stand by his goddess. Something’s got to give. Speaking of giving, Shane gave Lacey is a massive surprise on last week’s Life After Lockup episode. He CHEATED. OUCH.

Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson look closer to divorced than ever before. The end might be near for them. Their lifestyles don’t mesh at all, and they appear headed for a nasty split. They tried! On the subject of nasty, there is nothing civil at all between Sarah Simmons and Michael Simmons. Megan J is far from the biggest issue facing them. His thirst for side woman and drama is really hurting his kids. Sarah’s next move will be crucial.

Andrea & Lamar

Andrea Edwards Life After Lockup

Andrea calls her friend sobbing from bed asking her to pick up the kids. Something big is about to go down between her and Lamar. Why is she always so upset?

Lamar thinks she’s still holding on to the argument from the previous night’s dinner. I’m not so sure about that. This feels different. What sucks the most about this is how much it affects the kids.

Andrea found something in Lamar’s coat pocket that changes everything for her. What could it be? A note from another woman? Drugs? What’s so major that she had to remove the kids from the home?

Lamar sounds terrified at the prospect at being alone with Andrea. Her very wise children feel bad for Lamar for having to deal with her. Whatever she found in his pocket makes her want to kill him.


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Andrea believes she has evidence that Lamar has been unfaithful. She’s probably blowing something so far out of proportion. She’s being so dramatic right now saying she wishes she’d never met Lamar. Andrea wants the truth from Lamar, but he isn’t revealing anything. Why doesn’t she just come out and accuse him of something? I don’t get why she has to be so dramatic and drag things out. My patience becomes nonexistent anytime Andrea is on one of these tirades.

The second he opens his coat and takes out condoms, she attacks him. WHAT THE HELL? YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN. I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT REACTION.

Cheryl & Josh

Life After Lockup Recap: Risky Business

This fight between Josh’s mother and Cheryl is so over the top. Why are grown ass women putting their hands on one another? Also, why would his mother get so upset about Cheryl picking up after her child?

Cheryl is in a foul mood because Josh is late to look at houses. She wants a place with him ASAP because obviously living with his mother isn’t a viable option. Cheryl is ALWAYS angry. She talks so much about leaving her entire life behind and pins every issue on Josh.


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Their entire relationship has been an intense roller coaster of emotions. JUST END IT ALREADY. Josh actually seems like a really down to Earth guy, but she’s insane. There is some sort of screw forever loose inside of her head. She’s very verbally abuse as well.

Cheryl calls him garbage and hopes he goes to hell. Such a loving comment from his future bride. As a result of this fight, they split once again. Josh fills his mother in on the status of him and Cheryl. They’ve broken up before, so she shouldn’t get her hopes up. It feels a little different this time. It feels more final. Nothing has changed with her, and he can’t take it anymore. I wish nothing but the best for Cheryl. May she find the serial killer of her dreams.

Clint & Tracie

Clint Brady Life After Lockup

This couple can’t ever catch a break. Clint hasn’t seen Tracie in over 24 hours. They had sex, and she ghosted with the dog and his car. Maybe his mother was right about Tracie after all. This is exactly what she warned him would happen. Hopefully, mother f***ing crack didn’t play a role this time.

They’d been fighting since she got out of prison. While talking to producers, Tracie calls him FREAKING OUT. He’s stressed and worried about her, but she’s nowhere to be found. She’s refusing to go to rehab. He wants her to get the help she desperately needs, but it’s a lost cause. She says goodbye to him, and that’s it.


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Clint is on the verge of losing so much money and his wife on top of that. Tracie doesn’t want to go because she feels like she’s being forced. YOU ARE HONEY. YOU HAVE A METH PROBLEM. Is there something she’s not understanding about the gravity of this issue?

Lacey, Shane, & John

John Lacey Life After Lockup

It was so out of left field to hear that Shane cheated on Lacey. I hate to say that it’s karma doing it’s best work, but it goes without saying in this case. Lacey is unsure whether or not she wants to work things out with Shane. While deciding her future, she visits John. Really Lacey?

John is mesmerized by Lacey. She’s has this man powerless to her every word. He melts looking at her. Also, this pretty much destroys any chance of her marriage working out. She even lets him touch her all over. How can she be mad at Shane when she’s acting like this already?

Lacey is the first one to play multiple men. Does it make her a hypocrite to then play victim when it comes to what Shane did? It kind of seems that way to me.


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She’s over here telling John how much she loves him, and I’m full shocked Pikachu face. No words. She moves quickly, so I’ll give her that. The perks of having multiple men at your beck and call.

John claims he’s going to do everything right, so he doesn’t lose Lacey again. It’s sounding like she’s closed the door on her marriage to Shane forever. Despite John’s drug problem, he’s remained faithful. To Lacey, that makes the pendulum of love swing in John’s favor.

They start kissing, and she says she’d go back in time to change things and be with him. Things aren’t going to stay happy for long because Lacey has a secret that’ll upset John. Oh lord. Here we go again. Why do these people always keep so many secrets from the ones they claim to love?


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Oh the secret is so weird. She tells him that she got Shane’s name tattooed on her near her vagina. OH MY GOD. There’s so much ew with this one. John says he can get over the tattoo, but his issue is how Shane has used Lacey. Out of everything he could be upset about, THAT is the biggest issue? Well damn.

He wants to know when she will drop Shane and be with him. EHHHHHHHHH. She might be playing him here. Lacey has no idea what she wants.

Marcelino & Brittany

Marcelino Santiago Life After Lockup

Even though there’s massive money troubles for this could, they got a dog. If you’re low on cash, why would you add a new pet into the mix? I understand the emotional aspect of having a dog, but this is BAD. If you factor in Marcelino Santiago’s lack of a real job and unlucky poker streak, it’s even worse. What was Brittany Santiago thinking? Shouldn’t she be saving money to take care of her children and locate the ones she gave up? Her priorities are a little all over the place.

In Brittany’s defense, she doesn’t know the full scope of his losing streak. She doesn’t really how much he’s been losing lately. I guess if you look at it like that, a puppy isn’t as big of a deal. However, a puppy was still a horrible idea to throw into their life right now.


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Why is Marcelino keeping any secrets from his wife? Secrets always have a way of coming out. He’s lost THOUSANDS of dollars lately. DUDE. He says desperate times calls for desperate measures, and I’m scared to learn what he means.

He knocks on the door of some random woman, and she asks if his wife knows he’s there. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO POOR BRITTANY? LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE.

Sarah, Michael, & Megan J

Sarah Simmons Life After Lockup

It’s good to see Megan happy and thriving writing music. She hasn’t seen Michael in three weeks though, so things aren’t that great. Megan thinks maybe Michael is in jail again, so she calls his mom for an update.

These two have a rocky relationship, so this might not go very well. Also, she’s going to totally lose it when she finds out about Maria. Michael has added a third woman into the mix making my favorite love triangle a love square. So messy, but so good.

Unfortunately for Megan, his mother has no idea where he’s at. Megan doesn’t know if she can fully trust him, but it is what it is. Cut the cord sweetie. This is your chance to escape the toxicity of this man. Let him go!

Does anyone realize there are two children caught in the middle of all of this? Sarah tries her hardest to get on the same page with Michael, but he makes it impossible. It scares me a little that Sarah sees Michael as the perfect person for her. I got some heat last week saying she might be jealous of the other woman. Her behavior in this episode isn’t making me want to change my stance.

The producer asks her why she’s texting him the morning after a big fight. She’s considering counseling with him to work through the past. FOR WHAT THOUGH? This better be ONLY for the sake of co-parenting. There should be nothing romantic between these two ever again.

Michael is literally discussing this issue while in bed with woman #3. Maria has a lot of opinions for someone this late to the party. Why is she being vocal about any of this? She’s been around for only a hot second. Take several seats ma’am, and shut your mouth. Maria wants to confront Sarah which could be added fuel to a fire that doesn’t need it.

Michael is tardy for the first counseling appointment together. Sarah’s been seeing her blue haired therapist for years, but this is a first for Michael. Damn these kids are going to grow up so screwed up with these two as parents.

Michael didn’t have a solid fatherly figure in his life growing up. He had such a negative opinion of his father, and that’s trickling down to his kids. Their daughter actually said her dad makes her sad. How heartbreaking is that? She says he won’t get used to her. What a depressing moment to witness.

Michael doesn’t believe what Sarah’s saying. He makes a bold claim that she told the kids Michael didn’t love them. I don’t know how much I believe that. Sarah reveals that she spoke to a family court lawyer and that she filed a petition. Sarah was granted full custody until they can go to court and work it out. Michael is totally shook about what he’s hearing. He has no idea what’s going on. A total blindside.


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