Lisa Vanderpump Says Jax Taylor’s Mom Told Brittany Cartwright To Ditch Jax Taylor

Tom Sandoval wasn’t the only one who Jax Taylor feuded with during his groomzilla madness. Jax was also at odds with his own mother, who didn’t get an invite to the wedding.

Instead, the Vanderpump Rules OG had his godmother and Lisa Vanderpump on hand for support during the wedding weekend.

Months after the summer 2019 wedding, Jax and Lisa discussed his strained relationship with his mom on the Vanderpump Rules After Show. The man formerly known as Jason Cauchi claimed, “There was just so much hurt and so many things said. A lot of things said, like below the belt type of stuff. Things that you really can’t come back from.”

Jax began, “I said one thing to her, which I do take back, it was really bad. I don’t even want to tell you what I said. And then, not only that, but pulling my wife aside at my sister’s wedding and saying things to her.”


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Apparently, Lisa already heard this story before because she chimed in to say that his mom was “saying that you weren’t worthy of Brittany [Cartwright]. I mean, come on.” Yikes. His own mom was trying to end his relationship. How Barb Weber, which is a reference for anyone who watched the recent Bachelor finale.

Jax remarked, “I just want to make sure I’m never gonna regret this in my life.”


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Lisa told Jax, “I was gonna speak to your mother, but then I spoke to Brittany about it and I thought that maybe it’s too complicated. I wanted to talk to her as mother to mother. Like ‘Are you sure?’ I would have regretted not being there and he’s not my son and I had legitimate reasons why I couldn’t be there.”

When Lisa asked Jax if his mother reached out to him and vice versa, he confirmed that neither one of them has attempted to communicate with each other. He also said his mother hasn’t reached out to Brittany or his sister.


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Lisa said, “You’re gonna have a baby soon. She’s not pregnant, but, it’s gonna be her grandchild. Is she gonna miss out on everything? That’s very sad.”

And then Jax shared some family history that makes this rift a lot less surprising. Jax revealed, “It’s weird because my mother didn’t speak to her mother for thirty years. And her mother didn’t speak to her mother for like twenty years. So this is like a thing.”


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An off-camera producer asked Jax, “Did they ever resolve it, your mom and your grandma?” And Jax said, “No.”


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[Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo]