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Tom Sandoval Says Jax Taylor Has Smear Campaign Against Him To Justify Behavior For Something Bad Jax Does This Season On Vanderpump Rules

Jax Taylor is really gunning for Tom Sandoval this season on Vanderpump Rules. Tom upset Jax by not attending his “pre-bachelor party” because he was celebrating Mother’s Day with his mom. And again, a “pre-bachelor party” is not really a thing, Jax.

Jax even kicked Sandoval out of the wedding after Sandoval confronted him about having a homophobic pastor officiate his ceremony. Jax and Brittany Cartwright replaced the pastor with Lance Bass after a conversation with Lisa Vanderpump. Of course, Jax went back removing Sandoval an episode later, but Jax has been running his mouth while the episodes air. He has bashed Tom and Tom’s girlfriend Ariana Madix in interviews and on social media. Now, Tom is sharing his theory about why Jax is sooo against him.

Jax made comments in January about regretting having Sandoval in his wedding. Of course, these remarks hurt Tom’s feelings. Recently, Tom responded in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Sandoval admitted, “That was really heartbreaking to hear, and very hurtful.”


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Then Sandoval shared, “It feels a little bit like a smear campaign. Because, when it did come to the wedding, I went — I feel like I went above and beyond to prove my worth and I also enjoyed doing it.”

Sandoval continued, “I don’t know why Jax would regret [that]… we had an amazing time. I felt like I added to the experience. That’s the one thing, I really wanted to add to the experience. Whether it was making his wedding a much easier time, more fun experience, less stressful. I felt like I did that. I felt like I accomplished that goal. We had a lot of fun … we were in a really great place.”


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So why is Jax turning it up when it comes to the shit talking? Sandoval teased that there’s something coming up later on this season that will make Jax look bad so he’s trying to taint Sandoval’s image before that to justify his own behavior. What could Jax do that’s worse than anything we’ve already seen?

Tom teased, “He gets very reactive toward the end of our season. And because of that, now he’s trying to justify that, I feel like. So, that’s why when I say a ‘smear campaign,’ he’s trying to slowly, like, peck away at who I am as a person, like my integrity.”


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Tom remarked, “It’s really tough, it’s really tough with him. It’s really tough to get him to see actual reality instead of his warped sort of like propaganda reality.” And I doubt he’s ever going to actually see Sandoval’s side of this drama. This is especially true since Jax has admitted many times over that he doesn’t even watch Vanderpump Rules.


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