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Jax Taylor Rants About Tom Sandoval & Wedding Pastor Controversy

Star of Vanderpump Rules and avoider of all things dramatic, Jax Taylor, had a moment. Viewers are currently enjoying Jax and Brittany Cartwright’s journey to their first divorce marital bliss. On the last episode, the main topic of conversation was the controversial social media posts Brittany and Jax’s chosen wedding officiant had written. Lisa Vanderpump was horrified and made it her duty to “inform” the happy couple their pastor was not exactly accepting of a homosexual lifestyle. And what would Pump Rules be without every other cast member talking about it as well?

While most disagree with the pastor’s negative statements towards the gay community, Brittany and Jax took a lot of heat for not replacing him sooner. Tom Sandoval was particularly vocal, as he has long been a supporter of LGBTQ rights. Recently, the general manager of Tom Tom and Sandoval’s buddy Max Boyens found himself in the hot seat for sketchy sentiments as well. Yet Tom’s reaction to Max’s past indiscretions were written off as “youthful mistakes”. Jax took to Twitter to share his frustrations, and he did not hold back.

Poor Brittany. She just wants to wear all of the bridal dresses and dance with princesses. Not so fast, there is another matrimonial hurdle to jump! We can’t have an alleged homophobic pastor, but a general manager who wanted to punch Asians is totally fine!

Jax was still feeling some type of way after the episode aired, and let everyone know about it on Twitter. When a follower questioned Tom’s calm vibes after his friend Max’s racist tweets were revealed, Jax was on board. “But like how is Sandoval not outraged at Max? This is extremely hypocritical”. Jax replied, “Explain this to me please…” Let’s be honest, if Sandoval is going to be called out for being a hypocrite, wouldn’t Lisa have to be called out too? Then a follower said Sandoval should not have been involved in the wedding and Jax agreed. “Thank you and I agree with you. I made a huge mistake. #liveandlearn #youdontseeeverything”.


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In response to a now-deleted post, Jax appeared to defend himself. “Not believing in something and being hateful are two different things. I don’t believe in a lot of things but I am not hateful towards people about it.” After several viewers stated Tom’s choice to address the drama during a party was for camera time, Jax concurred. “Hey let’s wait till we have a party for poor Peter [Madrigal] who just wants to have a good time, and the cameras are up to bring this up… you had all day to talk to me about this. Purely ruined the party so you could get attention in my opinion.” Because Jax has NEVER been guilty of ruining things for attention.

When one person appealed to Jax’s sensitive side and questioned if he could understand why some could be offended by the pastor’s comments, he stated, “In my opinion you can believe in whatever you want, as long as you don’t hurt anyone. It’s a free country or so I thought. I will never dislike someone because they were raised a certain way, I may not agree with them, but will not hate them.”


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In typical Jax fashion, he threatened to block anyone who disagreed questioned him further on the topic. “It’s over and done with we had my good friend Lance [Bass] marry us it was amazing, end of story. If you tweet me anything more on this you will be blocked. Period.” Um, does Jax expect everyone to agree with him? Welcome to Hollywood, Dog.

One of Jax’s fans wrote, “This gay dude loves you Jax and not sorry about it!” Jax proceeded to say, “I love all my gays!!! Y’all make the world a much better place.”  Are people still saying “my gays’?


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Some of Sandoval’s fans woke up because Jax started getting called out on the fact that Tom has stood by his side over the years. Jax shared, “Tom does things for tv so he looks good. Period. You all live in a fantasy world.” He followed that with, “Keep in mind, you all see a very very very small percentage of what we film, we film over 5 hours, you saw 5 mins. Not one person has enough information to judge anyone.”

Jax went in on Sandoval’s character. “A good friend/business partner? He constantly belittles Tom Schwartz and puts him down regarding his home, his marriage, how he handles business, but yeah he’s a good friend? Are we watching the same show? #pumprules” This from the guy that had sex with Tom’s girlfriend. In Tom’s apartment, on Tom’s couch. Now literally everyone on the show is sipping from the hypocrite cup.


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Someone tweeted, “Ever since they gave Tom a .0000005 % ownership of that bar he been acting brand new he fake af” Jax had a reply for that one too. “It’s an absolute joke. He [Tom] doesn’t own shit, Lisa and Ken [Todd] make the decisions.”

So was Lisa’s “informative phone call” what made Jax and Brit cancel the pastor? Not according to Jax. He said, “@LisaVanderpump has zero to do with any decisions I have made. I make my own decisions, I think I have earned that over 8 years.” A person mentioned that despite the original pastor’s views, Jax and Brittany should do what is right for them. Jax said, “We did. It’s our wedding it’s our choice. Period. i don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. We did what was right for Brittany and I. What Tom did was wrong, again, just like Stassi’s [Schroeder] party, he had no tact. That’s the last I’ll say about this.” Spoiler alert, I doubt this will be the last he’ll say about this.


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We have seen drunken antics, tears, and fights – and we haven’t even gotten to the actual mashed potato wedding yet! Stay tuned.


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