Camille Grammer Shades Psychic From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10 Trailer; Compares Him To Season 1 Medium

Wasn’t it fun to see the upcoming trailer for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Last season was tough going and I am cautiously optimistic after seeing the new trailer. From the clips shown, it looks like Denise Richards will be taking the Lisa Vanderpump role of cast outcast. For better or worse, we will also get sprinklings of Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards. Light sprinklings will suffice, thank you!

At the center of the new trailer is a Housewives staple, a cast session with a medium. We all know that nothing good can come from such a gathering, and this season seems to be no exception. Camille Grammer’s epic Season 1 dinner party from hell with medium Allison DuBois is sure to be compared to the Season 10 gathering. So how does Camille, who is returning for Season 10, feel about the new medium episode? Did you ever doubt she would have an opinion?

Camille loves to express her viewpoints on Twitter and at some point, you knew she would weigh in on the new season. Well, that time is now. As is often Camille’s social media pattern, things started out innocently enough. In response to a Twitter user’s shared clip of the Season 1 dinner party, Camille tweeted, “This was an intense evening. Iconic #RHOBH.”

No one would question the intensity of that evening. It is one of the most memorable episodes from any Housewife shows. From Kim and Taylor Armstrong trading barbs to the ladies being doused with water from Camille’s lawn sprinkler on the way out of the party, there were too many memorable moments to count. Those were certainly the golden years of RHOBH, when wealth–or the appearance of it–ruled supreme.


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A Twitter user responded to Camille’s post about the infamous dinner party, stating, “They’ve tried to recreate it for this season and it looks like a massive flop.”

Well, that was all it took–we know it doesn’t take much–for Camille to start throwing shade like a Beverly Hills backyard party tent. Camille replied, “He’s (the medium) no Alison. Anyone could have come up with what he said just by watching last season. IMO.” Maybe so, but couldn’t you have at least spelled Allison’s name right, Camille?


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After a few cocktails, E-cigarette smoking Allison made predictions at the hellish dinner party, specifically targeting a pushy Kyle Richards and her marriage to Mauricio Umansky. Allison claimed that Mauricio would never “emotionally fulfill her.”

This was the worst thing anyone could ever say to husband-proud Mrs. Umansky.

Another Twitter user weighed in, posting, “Best episode of any franchise to date!! It’s the only episode I’ve watched more than once. Actually saw it 4 times!” Camille responded, “I agree.”


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Of course, Camille would agree. Few Housewives ever get the chance to be the center of an iconic episode. If RHOBH viewers had uncertainty about the formidable presence of Camille, the dinner party episode left no doubt that Camille was not to be crossed. Ever.

One fan later tweeted, “I still live for that episode, but I was surprised that @MediumAllison had such a dark nasty side for a spiritual soul!! Or am I wrong??”


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Camille used this opening  to throw more Twitter shade, replying, “She was responding to the nasty digs that were thrown at her and I.” There were plenty of digs thrown around by the cast on that epic evening. Who can ever forget Camille calling Faye Resnick “morally corrupt” in her confessional? Ah, the good old days!

Fortunately–or unfortunately if you are not a fan, we will get to see Camille on the upcoming Season 10. As Camille admits that she was not brought back until later in the filming season, she apparently is not doing confessionals. Which is a pity, because no one does an incendiary confessional like Camille. Right, Faye?


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RHOBH returns to Bravo on Wednesday, April 15.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]