Camille Grammer To The Rescue? She Hints She Will Be Back On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills!

Ah, memories. I know there are some hard feelings about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Even Lisa Vanderpump haters were quietly appalled at how things went down last season. It seemed to last forever. We watched in fascination when Kyle Richards challenged Lisa and Ken Todd on their home turf. #goodbyekyle Our jaws dropped as Lisa played her last game of chess and quit. We were told of evil lies and betrayal, but got hung out to dry with no answers or confirmations.

To be blunt, the season was a wash. Fans began to side-eye the all-consuming dog drama and slowly discovered what the players were really hiding. Many viewers found the one saving grace was Camille Grammer Meyer. She rebelled against the #puppygate scandal and did not hesitate to call people out. She pulled certain cast members from their delusion cocoons. She also famously spoke for all of us advised Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave to “shut it down” when Teddi attempted to speak during the finale party. After a turbulent appearance on the reunion, all of a sudden Camille was gone. As the last hope for anarchy in Beverly Hills faded, the rumor mill started pumping. Bravo doesn’t want Real Housewives of Dullsville! When all else fails, you know what to do! Call Camille Donatacci Grammer Meyer 007.

Happy days are here again! Look, I get it, no one is excited about the new RHOBH season. I doubt the audience is pining for lessons on how to sew caftans or what pregnant Teddi has for breakfast. After Camille was excommunicated by Queen Kyle, things weren’t looking great. And we all know there probably won’t be any thoughtful discussions on impending court cases because rich people don’t have financial issues. Now the big guys are pissed and they are calling for some back-up.

Last night, Camille set Twitter on fire with this little nugget, “I’m getting back in the game. diamonds and drama. #rhobh”. Ladies and gentlemen, we might have just gotten our Hail Mary play. As soon as she got done typing, responses started pouring in.

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One Camille fan wrote, “They tried icing you out and ended up with 3 months of nothing. I guess they need some story arc and you’ll deliver as always. I wonder what bomb you’ll drop to shake things up? #RHOBH”. Camille had an answer for him, “We’ll see…,” she wrote. Another follower questioned if Camille would finally be in the opening credits again. She confirmed to several people she will not be holding a diamond.

One person clearly not a LVP stan wrote, “Actually this means that all the ladies get along without LVP around and they need to bring in a bad guy to cause some drama because the other ladies are being nice.” Camille did not respond to that one, but another follower did not hesitate to reply with, “Or it means that they are going to extreme lengths yet again to yet again not talk about what actually going on. I’m sorry but it’s called REAL housewives, not fake ones.”

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There are no current RHOBH photos on Camille’s personal Instagram account and no further mention on her social media about what’s up. Naturally, Bravo has not admitted they goofed alluded to Camille’s imminent return. She either doesn’t hold a grudge or has a score to settle – but so do 85% of the people who watch this show. I have renewed hope for the lackluster season that is currently filming and look forward to Camille’s appearance. She won’t take Kyle’s crap, Dorit Kemsley’s crap, my crap, or the guy behind her at the gas station’s crap. Welcome back Camille 007, don’t let us down.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]